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Rose Colored Glasses

Here are some cute love notes.  These were Mari Gonzalez's swap.  I took liberty in the way I colored them, cause that is just me, (I'm a rebel when I color) plus I colored a couple of them after the meeting, and could not remember what they were supposed to be like. 

These are so cute.

Love notes by Mari Gonzalez

Mari 2 inside
She did the greeting on the front using the computer, then you open the card and...

Mari 2 cute eh?

Mari 3
This little guy will be me tomorrow if Lee does not win American Idol...ha!

Mari 1

These cards are adorable, and would  make an awesome make n take for a workshop.  You gotta have little cards around.

So did you vote? Did you vote right?  We are a house divided in the Gibbs household.  I voted for Lee, and Jeff voted for Crystal.  

They both did awesome, but I am total Lee fan.  I think that Crystal seemed a bit cocky tonight (yeah Jeff will be shaking his head at that comment...ha! gotta love me honey).  I also think that when she sang her second song she was so awkward in her heels, and I think that those clothes were not her, I like when she stays true to herself and that did not seem like her.  I would have loved her to be in black leather pants, long duster coat, and boots, now that would have been cool.

Lee looked like his normal self, nothing flashy, and true to himself. 

I watched Ellen today and Simon was on it, and it was so funny, cause she was showing things from the show that supposedly happen off camera.

    Well this old broad is headed to bed.  I am reading The Reckoning and it is pretty good.

Have an awesome Wednesday, I'll be getting crowned...I mean I will be getting a crown...blech!

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