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It's a "Beautiful Day"


Here are my notes on the American Idol finale...please forgive my spelling on people's names...

~Was not sure what was happening with the Idols dressed like school kids, I was trying to think what Hogwart song might be coming up...nice to see it was fellow Arizonian Alice Cooper.  I was glad Siobhan wore undies as they had not too good of a crotch shot of her at the end of the song. Yowza!

~Surprised to see Chris Allen singing as the only time I have seen him lately has been during Idol and he is advertising a car.

~I loved seeing the Bee Gees Barry and Robin Gibb (no relation...ha! people always ask us if we are related and we are always saying...we are Gibbs, they are Gibb)

~I was glad Big Micheal did not pick up old Micheal and crush him after their duet.

~Could have done without the comedian singer guy and the other weirdos that came on stage. Even Ellen didn't look too impressed.

~Didnt care for Christina Aguillera -  I wish she had of done Genie in a Bottle.

~I loved Ricky Gervais, he is funny and I love his fangs.

~Aaron was holding his mike so weird with his fingers up and that is all I could concentrate on while he sang. Reminded me of in Choir, and when I would sing I would get to raising up my chin, and Mrs. Lingard would motion her hand to tell me to lower my head...ha!

~I loved Crystal and Morisette duet, that was awesome.

~My first tears of the night: Bret Micheals singing with Casey, this guy almost died not long ago, and here he was singing, it was amazing. Jeff and I were trying to guess who was coming to sing when they started songs, we did not do very good tonight.  I was thinking Guns and Roses...oops!

~Could have done without Pants on the Ground, but it was funnier then the comedy skit.

~The tribute to Simon was nice, Paula and her pink rose hemmed very short comment.

~Second tears of the night: Janet Jackson, she looked and sounded beautiful.

~This finale entertainment had to be the best one so far with last years Adam singing with Kiss a very close second.

~Third tears of the night: LEE WINS!  OMG!  I am so happy, or heppy!  That is what it sounded like he was saying...I love Lee.  I'm off to buy his CD tomorrow. Wonder how long I will have to wait in line?

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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