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I was busy today, I cleaned my studio, well pretty much, heck as soon as I go to stamp anything, I pull it all out's like making the bed...why bother...ha!, and I updated my Etsy store, I added over a dozen new items and most of them are just one card only, so once it is gone it's gone.


I also was nominated by three people for the Sunshine Award how fun is that?  I want to thank Sherry, Juliana and Evita for giving me the Sunshine award.  I am supposed to pass it on, but I am gonna let you decide who you think should get the award, copy and paste the award to your computer and pass it on...I guess I can do that right?  There are so many awesome blogs out there, that I think everyone should get an award. I gave this award out last week or so, now it's your turn.

About a month ago my sweet friend Robin Merriman asked if I would like to be part of her GoDivas swap group, and she said the girls in the group were awesome stampers, and I thought I would give it a shot. I knew the stamp set I wanted to use, and I already showed you the card I did for it. If you forgot here it is.

So the other day I got the swaps back in the mail, and holy moly, they are awesome.  I am just going to show you a few, and the rest are displayed in my studio, and some I will be copying for classes.  

I wanted to show these cause they used the new Square Lattice Impressions folder that you can start ordering May 1. It looks different if you use it flip side too. To me it looks more like fabric then lattice, but I don't care what it is called, I love it, and I say bring on those folders Stampin' Up! we want more!

The swap was using stamp sets from the new mini, so if you see a set you like give me a shout, if you didn't get your mini catalog yet.

This card was stamped by Selene Kempton

Selene Kempton GoDiva swap
 Love the "dirty" look of it. Satin ribbon and a motorbike, gotta love it.

This card was stamped by Carrie Gaskin

Carrie Gaskin GoDiva swap
Man, I don't even know where to start with this one. The colors pop and I also love the "dirty-ness" of this card too and all the little embellishments.

This card was stamped by Lisa Bohler

Lisa Bohler GoDiva swap
I love everything about this, the colors, the little punch to hold on the ribbon.  The Top Note, and I swear the embossing folder really looks like fabric on the card, like a baby blanket. Makes ya wanna have a baby...ok maybe not...maybe just smell the head of one...or buy a new wallet with a picture of a baby in it...that's the ticket. 

This card was stamped by Patti Chesky

Patti Chesky GoDiva swap
These colors make me want to sit by the pool and drink a pina colada. How about you? Want one?

This card was stamped by our famous GoDiva Queen herself Robin Merriman

Robin Merriman GoDiva card
I love how Robin inked up the folder and then ran the paper through, the pattern really stands out doesn't it? See how her crosses are indented and some of the other cards are reverse? That is what I mean it looks different which side you use.  

Make sure when you come to class you ask to see the cards, I have them in a special little basket.

So we are down to the Top 5 now on American Idol and I am glad that Siobhan went home and NOT Casey, OMG! I was freaking. Then I looked up something on my phone on the newspaper under entertainment and the first thing I see is Siobhan is kicked off, I seen it like 10 seconds before they told..ha! And my BFF Tracy is so good about not telling me stuff, except what I should NOT miss, like the Ford commercial, OMG! I loved it.  The Idols were vampires, and I so want contacts like that, I already have fangs.  Yeah, I know...I'm a freak, but a fun one.

I really enjoyed this weeks music, and I loved tonights entertainment, but wondered why they had Shakira sing and not Shania?  Their names are kinda similar, but come on it was country week already. I did kinda like the Sons of Sylvia, any band with a fiddle and a mandolin in it, is all right in my book.

Well I am off to bed, I finished my 4th Vampire Academy book, it was excellent. I am gonna switch things up and take a vamp break and start to read Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz, my sweet friend, and down-line Donna loaned it to me.

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks so much for stopping in.  Oh and if you found a stray "W" in my post somewhere I hope it didn't make a bad word, I started typing "W" and then I don't know where it went.  How eird,  I mean weird...ha!

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