Artisan Swap - Occasions Mini

What would you say?

Elizabeth bunny closeup
If you could say whatever was on your mind without worrying about hurting someone's feelings, or getting punched in the face?

Let us share...let us get it off our minds...

The other day I would have said:

"Don't be so bossy, you are lucky he married you."

We have a local pizza restaurant and the girls working there do not wear (in my opinion) proper waitress attire, tight tight tshirts, and low jeans where you can see butt cracks are not very I would say "spackle that crack, and put on a sweater"

At the grocery store some lady was buying groceries but it was like 2 or 3 separate orders, the danged old area where the poor checkout girl was bagging groceries was full of filled grocery sacks, and did the girl go around and start putting her grocery bags in her cart? Nope, she just stood there and she had the checkout girl do it after she was all rung up.  I would have said "hey lazy butt, get around there and load your own dang cart, are your arms broken?"

Looking at some old broads reflection in the freezer glass door in tight jeans, I said "gee your butt is sure getting wide" - that old broad is me.  I might not be able to speak my mind to other people, but I sure can tell myself a thing or two. Di, it's time to "Di"et.

Would we be healthier if we just said what we thought and stopped beating around the bush?  Would we have less or more friends?  Would we walk around with black eyes?  So what would you say if you could?

When we had our Spring Fling, we had three Demonstrators show some different techniques.  We had MAMMa, Dana and Elizabeth.  I had to teach too, so I was not able to watch what they did, but Dana and Elizabeth gave me a few of the items they showed.

Dana gave me this beautiful felt flower. The picture does not do it justice.

Dana felt flower
Elizabeth showed some fun things with the Milk Carton Die, and she shared where she got her inspiration from, those links are below.

Elizabeth bunny side
A cute little bunny, that came from here.

Elizabeth pitcher
A cute little pitcher that came from here.

Elizabeth window milk
A cute windowed milk carton, that came from here

Now please understand these got kinda roughed up on the way home, and Elizabeth had totally stamped and embellished the windowed one, but I wanted to share them with you. I want to thank Dana and Elizabeth for sharing these with me, and the talented ladies that they were inspired by, you are all an inspiration to me.

And as for American Idol, it looks like you people that end up going to the road show are gonna have to enjoy good ol' Tim slip sliding all over the stage.  He made it through...ugh!  I feel so bad cause Paige is so much better and just had a bad night, and then the judges saying they would not save her before she even mean, and then she sang awesome as she closed out the show...oh well what can ya do?

You can have a supertabulous Thursday, that's what you can do!  Thanks for stopping in!

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