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Hey Chick(adee)


Tomorrow I have my Extra Large Bird Punch class and this is one of the cards they are going to make. I have seen people making different kind of birds with the punch, and I loved the look of the chickadees.  I don't use my grass image from Inspired by Nature enough and this card was perfect.

I also have been saving my Stampin' Up! boxes, and any other cardboard boxes I can get my hands on. I bought something the other day and the box had really tiny bumpy cardboard things inside so I am excited to see how it tears.  Don't take much to get me excited does it?

Chickadees side
Stamp Set: Inspired by Nature, Teeny Tiny Wishes

Ink: Going Gray, Creamy Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Old Olive

Paper: White confetti, Old Olive, Sweet Pea DSP, Going Gray, Basic Black, Whisper White

Misc: Cardboard, Top Note Die, Old Olive grosgrain, My Way punch, Extra Large Bird Punch, Cardboard, White gel pen

I hope they like it.

Have a super Saturday and thanks for stopping in!

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DSCN1236 copy
I watch a commercial and I wonder what the heck the person making it was thinking, smoking or drinking when it was made.  It's like when it is over, I ask myself "what the heck were they selling?"

Well we were watching TV and this commercial came on...

Jeff was like "what the heck is that supposed to mean?" And I was like "you are a guy you don't need to understand it", as I laughed so hard and was thankful I was wearing my Poise pad. So perhaps the commercials that I don't understand are just not the commercials made for ME.

I love round or odd shaped cards, and so I wanted to make up a little scalloped circle card, and I found this fun layout on Renée Van Stralen's blog, and now I can't find it, but I know I did.

I had not inked up my Picnic Parade hostess set yet, and thought it would be perfect for this size card.

DSCN1234 copy
Stamp Set: Picnic Parade

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Bashful Blue, Certainly Celery, Creamy Caramel, Regal Rose, Brocade Blue, Going Gray

Paper: So Saffron, Shimmery White, Sweet Pea DSP

Misc: Scallop Circle #2, Circles #2, My Way punch, Scallop punch for cloud shape

Well I started a new book last night called Vampire Academy and I want to get back to it, so off to bed I go.

Have a great Friday, and thanks for stopping in!

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To place a Stampin' Up! order, my on-line store is open 24-7. Thank you so much!

What would you say?

Elizabeth bunny closeup
If you could say whatever was on your mind without worrying about hurting someone's feelings, or getting punched in the face?

Let us share...let us get it off our minds...

The other day I would have said:

"Don't be so bossy, you are lucky he married you."

We have a local pizza restaurant and the girls working there do not wear (in my opinion) proper waitress attire, tight tight tshirts, and low jeans where you can see butt cracks are not very I would say "spackle that crack, and put on a sweater"

At the grocery store some lady was buying groceries but it was like 2 or 3 separate orders, the danged old area where the poor checkout girl was bagging groceries was full of filled grocery sacks, and did the girl go around and start putting her grocery bags in her cart? Nope, she just stood there and she had the checkout girl do it after she was all rung up.  I would have said "hey lazy butt, get around there and load your own dang cart, are your arms broken?"

Looking at some old broads reflection in the freezer glass door in tight jeans, I said "gee your butt is sure getting wide" - that old broad is me.  I might not be able to speak my mind to other people, but I sure can tell myself a thing or two. Di, it's time to "Di"et.

Would we be healthier if we just said what we thought and stopped beating around the bush?  Would we have less or more friends?  Would we walk around with black eyes?  So what would you say if you could?

When we had our Spring Fling, we had three Demonstrators show some different techniques.  We had MAMMa, Dana and Elizabeth.  I had to teach too, so I was not able to watch what they did, but Dana and Elizabeth gave me a few of the items they showed.

Dana gave me this beautiful felt flower. The picture does not do it justice.

Dana felt flower
Elizabeth showed some fun things with the Milk Carton Die, and she shared where she got her inspiration from, those links are below.

Elizabeth bunny side
A cute little bunny, that came from here.

Elizabeth pitcher
A cute little pitcher that came from here.

Elizabeth window milk
A cute windowed milk carton, that came from here

Now please understand these got kinda roughed up on the way home, and Elizabeth had totally stamped and embellished the windowed one, but I wanted to share them with you. I want to thank Dana and Elizabeth for sharing these with me, and the talented ladies that they were inspired by, you are all an inspiration to me.

And as for American Idol, it looks like you people that end up going to the road show are gonna have to enjoy good ol' Tim slip sliding all over the stage.  He made it through...ugh!  I feel so bad cause Paige is so much better and just had a bad night, and then the judges saying they would not save her before she even mean, and then she sang awesome as she closed out the show...oh well what can ya do?

You can have a supertabulous Thursday, that's what you can do!  Thanks for stopping in!

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Artisan Swap - Occasions Mini

I hosted a Occasions Mini Catalog swap with my 8 other Artisan Award winners and I wanted to share the cards, they were awesome as usual, I love our little group.  Lisa's is in the mail to me, so I will post it when it comes.

Angie Tieman
Hand stamped and sewn by Angie Tieman - I am still trying to wrap my head around all the sewing and that it has curves...yowza!

Fran Sabad
Hand stamped by Fran Sabad - Look at all those squares, and hearts and the embossing, this is so much fun, and I want to make this card so bad.

Jolene Slack
Hand stamped by Jolene Slack - I love this, and it is hard to see the bling on the paper, and the bling on the stamped flower.  I love how she did the two ribbons.

Mary Jo Albright
Hand stamped by Mary Jo Albright - this one is so much fun and it is a pocket card.  I love that the houses are different colors and the way she used the DSP with the clouds, too cute.

Shanna Jensen
Hand stamped by Shanna Jensen - I love that she used Basic Gray, and the Taken with Teal, I would have never thought to use them together and they look great, I love her elements with the Top Note wrapping around and how the punch sticks out the side.

Shelley Bohan
Hand stamped and sewn by Shelley Bohan - what can ya say?  I say Shelley has too much time on her hands...only kidding.  This card is amazing, all the squares and the sewing, and she even sewed around the flower shape, the only way I could do that is if my foot is off the pedal and I use my hand to turn that wheel thing on the side of the machine.

Summer Stone
Hand stamped by Summer Stone - I love this card, cause I love the odd shaped cards.  The cute little cupcake on the side, and the heart punched out.  Too sweet.

Diana Gibbs

This was my card and I had showed you it already.

So all right I know you are waiting for it, and here it comes...drum roll please...

My American Idol critique...

Lee: I loved this arrangement and he had so much fun on stage, and I love him more each week.

Paige: Ouch, that hurt. She was horrible, I don't know if it is the laryngitis although she sang through it fine last week, it was almost like she could not hear herself.  I think she might go home.

Tim: Well it was not the worst of the night, but please send him home.  I think Simon gets madder and madder each week that Tim was brought back and that he is still there.

Aaron: We love Aaron and I can hardly wait to buy his album.  I feel bad he had tonsilitis but he did pretty good, and Ellen loves him too.

Crystal: She was channeling Janis Joplin, and who are we to say she really is not? This girl is amazing and so down to earth, I like that she is wearing her hair a bit different so you don't notice her dreads as much.

Mike:  He really needs to stop picking people up.  He sounded so good, and I like to think he was thinking of his wife when he sang that song.

Andrew:  One hit wonder strikes again.  This was not good.  Tim did better then Andrew and that was hard for me to say.

Katey:  She sounded great, more her age and even her outfit was cute. 

Casey:  This sounded just like Hewy Lewis, so he did not change the song at all, but I loved it and he is HOT! I think everyone had a blast performing it, the on stage guys and did you see the guys in the balcony with the suits and shades...too fun

Didi:  Not her best, and her voice makes it sound like she is off key at times.

Siobhan:  She had Elvis meets Sanjia (from a few seasons ago) hair, not sure the whole get up, and I can do without the screaming at the end of the song.

In fact I write my critique on paper as they sing, and Jeff rolls his eyes, but what I write the judges say, especially Simon and I were dead on tonight, and I think I will be sending in my application to replace Simon when he leaves next year, cause really I gotta be better then Howard (gag me) Stern.

Things I noticed:

I love Randy and Ellen's relationship. I love that Ryan and Ellen are such great friends.  I like that finally Kara is calling Ellen, "Ellen" and not some rude name. 

Where does Simon come up with some of his sayings? Tonight we heard "it's like you wanted one scoop of ice cream and you got eleven", and also "chalk and cheese".

So for the last three hundred weeks, give or take two hundred,  Kara has been blabbering and complaining that the idols don't feel the song, blah! blah! blah! tonight Didi sings a song and gets into it, with her mannerisms and everything and what does Kara do? She complains that Didi was acting up.  If I could climb through the TV, I would have slapped her. 

When they said that Miley Cyrus was gonna be the mentor, Jeff and I were both like "what the?" I am not a Miley Hanna Cyrus Montana fan, and although she is a pretty girl she drives me a bit bonkers, she does seem to be growing up though. It will be interesting to see what she sings tomorrow.

Who did I vote for?  Lee and Casey, cause they were tied in my opinion for the guys.  Crystal for the girls. Who did you vote for?

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in!

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Gotta Love 'Em men.

So Eric has just a few chores at the house, he works during the day so we are not too hard on him, plus he is a good worker and usually just does stuff on his own anyway.

One of the chores Jeff has him doing is taking these big nail things out of some old wooden a-frame beams.  Jeff has a fire pit and he is using them for fire wood.  So anyway they are stacked way over in the corner of the property, (the Back 50 or Back 40 depending on where you grew up) and Eric takes the nails out, breaks the boards in half, and puts them in the wheelbarrow and hauls them over to the wood pile.  Eric can do it anytime he wants, it is not like Jeff said "I need these done by Tuesday", he just wants them done eventually.

So when Bobby was here visiting, Jeff's brother Tim and his daughter Charlie, and Jeff's sister Patty, her hubby Bob and daughter Emma came over, and we were sitting out on the back porch yapping.  We have a travel trailer that sits in the side yard (we have almost 3 acres so we have lots of "yard space"), so anyway with the trailer sitting there, we could not see Eric working, so what did he do?  Eric drug all these boards and the bucket for the nails, and the wheel barrow over on the other side of the trailer, so that we could all see that he was working while we were yapping.  I thought that was so funny.

Come back tomorrow I will post the Artisan Swap that I just hosted, I got some lovelies to share, I just want to give the mail one more day to make sure the girls have gotten them in the mail.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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