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...my men.

So Eric has just a few chores at the house, he works during the day so we are not too hard on him, plus he is a good worker and usually just does stuff on his own anyway.

One of the chores Jeff has him doing is taking these big nail things out of some old wooden a-frame beams.  Jeff has a fire pit and he is using them for fire wood.  So anyway they are stacked way over in the corner of the property, (the Back 50 or Back 40 depending on where you grew up) and Eric takes the nails out, breaks the boards in half, and puts them in the wheelbarrow and hauls them over to the wood pile.  Eric can do it anytime he wants, it is not like Jeff said "I need these done by Tuesday", he just wants them done eventually.

So when Bobby was here visiting, Jeff's brother Tim and his daughter Charlie, and Jeff's sister Patty, her hubby Bob and daughter Emma came over, and we were sitting out on the back porch yapping.  We have a travel trailer that sits in the side yard (we have almost 3 acres so we have lots of "yard space"), so anyway with the trailer sitting there, we could not see Eric working, so what did he do?  Eric drug all these boards and the bucket for the nails, and the wheel barrow over on the other side of the trailer, so that we could all see that he was working while we were yapping.  I thought that was so funny.

Come back tomorrow I will post the Artisan Swap that I just hosted, I got some lovelies to share, I just want to give the mail one more day to make sure the girls have gotten them in the mail.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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