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Leadership Swaps

While I took a bit of a break today, I thought hey I didn't show off some of the swaps I got while I was at Leadership.

I only made about 20 cards this year. I remember when I first was a Demonstrator we would swap the little trading cards and I would make them at my old job, when we were not busy.  I remember going to Convention with like 300 or some crazy amount.  Not anymore, I usually make maybe 50 and that is enough for me. 

These are just a few, they have my website watermark, but please note above the card who actually made it.

Hand stamped by Elizabeth Martinez

Elizabeth Martinez 

Hand stamped by Shanna Jensen

Shanna Jensen

Hand stamped by Beverlee Morales

Beverlee Morales

Hand stamped by Sally Nusbaum

Sally Nusbaum

Hand stamped by Patricia Spriggs

Patricia Spriggs

Hand stamped by Shelley Bohan - she has added a tutorial on how to do the bleeding hearts to her blog..check it out!

Shelley Bohan

I have more somewhere else, I had pulled some out to show at class, and they must have got put in a different tin.

Well Edward is about to show Bella his diamond skin, so I am off for now, cause my best part is almost here!!

Later: So I just got an email from Debra (hey honey) and I totally forgot the Grammy's were on so I missed Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks, and I hear it was NOT good!  I did Youtube it to listen to it and it sounded horrible on there, so am assuming if I had of heard it live, it would have been just as horrible.  What did you all think of the Grammy's that I missed? I wonder if I can see it online somewhere?

Have a great Monday, can you believe it is February already?

Thanks for stopping in!

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