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American Idol - The Boyz

Tonight was the men and this is my take on it...

I voted for 4 guys: Aaron, I feel kinda related to him...ha! He is a nephew of a friend of mine who is a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, and he did awesome, he is an excellent, country singer. Lee, he is good, love that raspy voice, he is a combo between Danny Gouky and David Cook, Garcia as we affectionately call him at the Gibbs' house, he might have not picked a good song tonight but we love him, and he is gonna do well, especially if he stays true to himself like he did that Straight Up song, and also Casey, what a sweetie, and yeah Janet (who emailed before I could blog...waving hi), he is adorable and a doll and sexy, and he sang Bryan Adams one of my favorite Canadian singers, so that gave him extra points. He also got extra extra points for having to sing over the craziness that was going on with the judges.  What happened if he had of gotten the pee giggles mid song? Well I would have sent him one of my personal t-shirts of course, but it would not have been fair...ok onto some of the rest...

Todrick, good voice, bad arrangement. Tim, who the heck did they kick off to bring him back? and why pick him...ugh!  I would have picked Seth, cause Tim was horrible as usual. Tyler, sorry dude one Mick Jagger is enough,  I am sure he will continue on for a while, but I don't like him. John, his bottom end was not so good tonight. Micheal, he is sweet and usually sounds good, not so much tonight, they asked him where he wanted to be or something when this was over, and I see him being the body guard of the winner, cause he is huge.  Alex, they were too hard on him, he sounded pretty good, loved Ellen's mullet joke.

I also wonder if the singers get their own mike, or if they wash it between singers, cause a lot of them mouth the mike, like get their lips on it, and ugh, they'll all be sick in a couple weeks and have cold sores to boot, just you wait. Hopefully Kara won't get one...ha!!!

I loved Kara's ring, it looked like one of those rings to punch people in the face, cause it covered two fingers.  I also love Randy's affectionate way he calls Ellen.  I think the other night he said E.D., and then tonight I think he said E.  I hope it is affectionate, cause I think she is so funny, and glad she is on the show.

Well enough of my blabbering.

Thanks for stopping in!

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