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Becoming a Vegan

Today I had the TV on, I have the autotune set to catch Twilight whenever it comes on.  It was over by the time Oprah came on and I flipped it over there to see what she was saying today.  She had Alicia Silverstone on there and she was talking about being a vegan and eating healthy and she has a cook book.  I checked it out online, and a few people said it was hard to even find the ingredients in the store, so that does not sound like a good idea or an easy idea anyway.  Although I really want to start eating healthier, I mean Jeff and I are not getting any younger, and when Jeff had his last check up his cholesterol was high...ugh! 

One thing that is easy is pretty much copying a card right out of the catalog, or this case it was the new mini catalog.  I changed the card just a little bit, but not much.

Diana Garden 2 

Stamp Set: Gratuitous Graffiti, Thank you Kindly, Garden from the Heart

Paper: Basic Gray, So Saffron, Certainly Celery, White Confetti

Ink: Basic Gray, Bordering Blue, Going Gray, Certainly Celery, So Saffron

Misc: So Saffron striped ribbon, white gel pen

So today I went out to take a picture of the owl, it rained this morning, and I thought I had better take a picture in case he takes off again.  This time he looked even more bored to see me, I think I interrupted his nap.

DSCN0611 copy
He could barely open his eyes or perhaps he was pretending to sleep, and he never moved at all except for his eyes squinting to look at me.  But as I walked away when I looked back, he was totally watching me leave, as his head turned my way.

So later I thought I would go sit on the back porch with my camera and see what other critters I would see to take pictures of. The pictures are horrible, I mean why have a camera that can zoom when the pictures are all pixelly.  I really need to save up for a better camera.  I know I keep saying that eh?

Anyway, here is the owl again...

DSCN0629 copy
...still looking bored, but kinda neat cause it is a side view. I think it is so cool that he looks like wood.

Then I saw a rabbit...

DSCN0619 copy
...this picture is blurry, and almost looks like a watercolor painting or something.

Then I saw a hummingbird, so happy that I filled the feeders, I like to pretend it is the one I fed...

DSCN0618 copy
...but Jeff just rolls his eyes when I say that.

Then I saw this red bird...

DSCN0620 copy
...not sure what it is cause the picture is not too clear, I don't think it is a robin, and I think it has too much red for a female cardinal and not enough red for the male.

That was it for the critters, once the weather gets warmer there will be more.

I will sign off for now. Have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping in!

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