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December 2009

My Digital Studio Calendar - January

So I think I am gonna take a little break from my blog for a few days and just post my 2010 pages for the calendar I made for my studio. Even though Eric got me the best present ever...seems he went shopping on the sly with someone from work and he bought Jeff and I both calendars.  I opened mine up and it was a True Blood calendar! I screamed...did you hear me? I LOVE IT!!  But it will get put up somewhere other then my stamp studio...

Jeff's folks are here and I have to get some other stuff done for Leadership, and Tra-Di-Mas (that is the holiday that follows Christmas - Tracy/Diana Christmas...aka Tra-Di-Mas...get it?) so I need to concentrate on that, so please forgive me, and I hope I don't bore you the next little while.

Here is January, my sweet little Toby, Jeff will probably roll his eyes that Toby got to be the first month.  He is my special boy. Is it bad to love a dog so much?

January 2010 topper

January 2010 month 

Here is the calendar part.  These are really fun to make.  I suggest before you start the calendar you go through your pictures and pull the pictures you are going to use into folders separately, that way when you are making your calendar you don't have 1 thousand pics from this file and 2 thousand from that file to go through...just a little tip from your Auntie Di.

Well I better get off here, as I am posting this I have two dutch apple pies in the oven and I don't want to forget them and not here the buzzer or they will be burned to a crisp.

Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping in!

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

What are you doing?

Get off the computer!

Go open up a present!

Go have some monkey cinnamon rolls pull bread things!

Go have some coffee!

But if you are here, out of habit...cause I am probably sitting here doing the same thing...

Santa javelina

Thanks for stopping in!


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I Have This Friend...

Did you ever use that when you were growing up?

I remember one time when I was a teenager I asked my Mum "my friend wants to know (insert embarrassing question here)?", but it was really me wanting to know the answer.

I always tell Jeff we have each other to use as the "blamer". You know sometimes you can't go or don't want to go somewhere or you are late or whatever, I say blame me.  I mean isn't that what a spouse is for?  "Oh Jeff/Diana said I can't go", but really it is our own reasoning for not going and we blame each other. Not that it happens all the time. I'm just saying, it does get used from time to time.  I think I have talked about this magnet I have on my file cabinet before.  It says "I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was going to blame you"

So I have shown you some cards with wacky sayings before and I thought I would whip another one up for you today.  I will put it in my Etsy store.  I know you got that perfect "friend" who would totally get "it".

I basically cased this card (the front anyway) from Renee she is one talented lady.  I changed colors and DSP.  It is a 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" card.

DSCN0084 copy
Stamp Set: Together Forever

Paper: Bashful Blue, Basic Black, Whisper White, Sweet Pea DSP

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Bashful Blue, Sahara Sand, Ruby Red, So Saffron, Old Olive

Misc: Black grosgrain, Scallop Trim Border punch

Wanna see the fun part? The card is all serious on the front...then when you open it...

DSCN0086 copy says this...ha! Hopefully I didn't offend anyone. I had this personalized stamp made. Pg. 136 & 137 in the catalog shows just a few of the personalized stamps you can have made.

Oh what was the question I asked my Mum?  It does not matter cause I finally figured out the answer. I am sure Mum even knew I was making up "the friend", and if not I bet she is probably asking herself "what question?"  Ha!

Have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping in!

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Yummy Canadian Goodness...

...and some snacks too! I met a really sweet and fun Canadian Demonstrator, Dany we met through our blogs, and she and her hubby and son drove down here from Canada.  She came to the calendar class and look what she brought me. It makes my eyes and mouth water just to look at the picture.

DSCN0071 copy
How sweet is she?  We had a great visit, and it just makes my life as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator even more special when you meet people from all over, just cause of these little rubber stamps.

Make sure you check out her blog to get to know her better, and she has some awesome George Canyon music on there too...yeah I just heard my sister Jacqui click over as soon as I said that.  She loves George Canyon...ha!

DSCN0066 copy
Here is Dany and I, Jeff came in to take our picture. Look at her with her sleeveless shirt, we were laughing as she left, cause my butt was freezing (my Canadian blood has thinned out after all these years living in AZ), and she was saying "it's not cold!" 

Look at the cute Christmas card she gave me too. 

DSCN0083 copy 

It's hard to tell but she added a shimmer of alcohol and shimmer paint with the Platinum color on the gray cardstock...cute!!!

Today we got our presents all wrapped, and I actually got to have lunch with my sister in law Patty (hey sistah), my sweetie giggly niece Emma (hey who farted? - that was for you girlie!!! - ha!), my brother in law Tim, my in-laws Mum and Dad Gibbs, and our niece Lauren and her boyfriend Logan Josh - ha!  They live in Illinois and go to school there but his folks live here, so it was a nice treat to see them.

Aint they cute?DSCN0082 We are hoping they end up out here when they are all done school, which is very soon.

I have a few more gifts to get and I am done.  Gotta get my locks trimmed and should be set till after Leadership.

Have the best Wednesday ever and I hope you are all done with your shopping, baking and all that, and can just enjoy yourself till the new year!

Thanks for stopping in!

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Upsy Daisies Decor

I got a few Upsy Daisies Decor Elements during the Holiday Extravaganza, and I had thought of putting them in my stamp room.  It is one of the rooms that we have painted recently in our home.  The other room is the guest bedroom, and then I got to thinking they might look good in there, so yesterday I put them up in there and I think they look great. Jeff was pretty impressed too.

I must admit,it would be much easier if we didn't have textured walls, it is a pain putting them up cause of the texture, but the wall that is not textured in my stamp room, they go up lickety split.

Here you can see them...

DSCN0014 copy 

I put them above the bed, and just a bit higher then the pillows, I was gonna have it lower, but I didn't want anyone's head rubbing on them, can you imagine someone waking up and coming to breakfast with a headful of upsy daisies? ha!

DSCN0017 copy
I put the old olive ones on first and then added some white over top, I think I might go back and add some lower ones still.  I still have some of them left. (added later to original blog post....and added to wall....I did go back and add some lower daisies in old olive and white, I will take pics and show you all later, it does look better)DSCN0077 copy  Added to blog post after other add: Here you can see where I added some more lower and I like it better, and now wish I had staggered the daisies more...but what can ya do?  I still like it, and the decor elements are so much fun, and if I ever want to change it, it will come down easy enough to do something different.

DSCN0023 copy
I also added a few on the closet door, Jeff was like "that looks way cool" ok, well maybe I should not put quote marks, cause I don't think Jeff has said way cool in his life, but he did really like them.

DSCN0034 copy
I even added a few to the back of the door.

Then I still had some left over, and I had found this tin ages ago and it was old olive and well it just all matches ya know.

DSCN0047 copy
So I snipped the long legs off the stems, and applied it to the tin, this went on very fast.  I put some sunflowers, apples and a few pinecones, sprinkled with rose potpourri oil and it smells so nice.  I am a big mover arounder.  I have things in that room which end up in this other room for a different purpose.  It works for me.

DSCN0048 copy
Here is how it all sits.  This used to be an old dresser of Poppa and Granny's and it was painted white, we had it stripped down and Jeff refinished it with new hardware etc.  I love the old furniture we have gotten over the years, if it could only talk and tell stories...well then we would live in a Disney movie wouldn't we?

DSCN0064 copy
While I was messing around cleaning and taking pictures, I took this one of the glass ornaments in the apothecary jar on the counter, I turned the camera setting to food and a blue tint, cool eh?  Of course I can see myself in the balls, and don't know how you would get away from that, but it still looked pretty neat I think.

Well I had my last class of 2009 today, my final calendar class, and I made a new friend.  Dany a fellow demonstrator from Canada came, and we visited and got to know each other, she even brought me some goodies, I will share pictures with you tomorrow. It was sure nice meeting you Dany! 

I gotta wrap presents, finish up the last of my shopping, and get to the UPS store.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping in!

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