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MAY I interest EWE in some pictures from our trip to Canada?  This month I show Eric's graduation picture, what a handsome devil he is eh?  Eric with Grandpa Dodds, and Eric with Grandpa and Grandma Fox. I also showed off some of Mum & Dad Fox's sheep.

May 2010 topper
May 2010 month

Today Mum Gibbs and I ran around on some errands, and before we did we stopped at MAMMa's so two of Mum's could meet.  It was funny cause I never even thought before but there is Marlene, my Arizona Mum.  Then my mother in law is Darlene, and what is even funner, is my real Mum's middle name is Darlene...freaky teaky. This is my brother Darryl and my other Darryl...ha! Remember that show?

So anyway we visited with MAMMa for a while, and look how cute they are?

P1010424 copy
Here is me and Mum:

P1010425 copy
I forgot my camera (or at least I thought I did) so MAMMa took the pics and emailed them to me.  I took Mum to the Deli, and that is where I realized I had my camera after all.  She really liked the food and they were super busy.  Some old man even took up a table of four just for himself and was reading the newspaper and taking his sweet old time, while people were waiting for a table.  Geesh!

Jeff is off now till the 11th. His company is shutting totally down and making everyone take it off with no pay.  Ugh! What a way to start the year out eh?  Oh well what can ya do? At least he has a job we keep telling ourselves.

Tonight we watched a couple movies that Mum and Dad had not seen "The Hangover" and "New In Town", they both got chuckles. 

Well I am getting one of my lovely headaches so I am gonna sign off and head to bed so I can hopefully fall asleep before it gets too bad.

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping in!

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