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My Digital Studio Calendar - June

Just as quick as a snap of my fingers...guess what the UPS man delivered today?  My calendar!! And ya know what? It looks even better in person.  I have it hanging BACKWARDS so you can't see it in my stamp room cause it is unlucky to hang it before hand, I say if you can't see it, that does not count. So far the room has not burned down or a tornado has not taken the house away, so as long as we make it through tomorrow I think we are good to go.

This is a fun month, these are pictures from the September to Remember event that Rhonda and I put on in...September...ha!  We have another event March 13 so save the date for that one ok?

June 2010 topper

June 2010 month

One ringy dingy...two ringy dingy...remember Lily Tomlin doing that on Laugh In?  Ya don't? You're too young?  Well here ya go to refresh your memory, or to give you a hint of how fun TV used to be.

I was trying to find a clearer video but I guess there are not many out there.  I wish they would put this back on tv.  Will have to check TV-Land and see if they do.

Have a great New Years Eve, and be careful out there if you are out partying...we stay home! Ain't we old boring farts? Pull my finger...ha!

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