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My Digital Studio Calendar - April

I think I am enjoying seeing my calendar each day too.  Even though I just made it last week, I forgot what I did for each month...old age I tell ya. I figured out where I am going to hang it, and where I am hanging my True Blood calendar too.

I am glad I am able to share something with you each day while being busy at the same time.  Stampin' Up! called me a couple weeks ago and asked if I would like to do a Workshop Wow at the Regional event in Phoenix in January and I said "YES".  Then I was like hmmm...what will I show? When I demonstrated on the Mexican Riviera Cruise and Managers Reception they told me what they wanted me to do and sometimes that is easier, but they said I could demonstrate what I wanted, but just to let them know so we don't have repeats. I remembered something from the back of my head that I had wanted to try and never did, so I messed around with it and that will be my Demonstration, so I have been working on samples for that as well as upcoming classes and stuff.  I will show you after the event is over what I demonstrated.  So when you see me, please make sure to yell loud so I am not all nervous, this will be my first time with the camera man.  I think I remember on the Brady Bunch they said to think of the audience in their underwear.  OK, but underwear has come a long way...or should I say a "skimpier" way since the Brady Bunch was on TV...that might scare me or make me laugh...ha! But anyway, I am very honored to be asked and look forward to seeing everyone.

OK on to the calendar post:

April showers bring May flowers, these are more pictures from that beautiful park in Utah.

April 2010 topper

April 2010 month

I didn't add too much "stuff" to this page (or I think any of the pages if I remember right), cause the pictures are so pretty, and I didn't want the pages to get too busy, but with the My Digital Studio you can add buttons, ribbons, stamps etc.

Well Mum and Dad Gibbs are coming to our house tonight to spend the rest of their time in Arizona, so I better get off here and tidy up.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping in!

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