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My Digital Studio Calendar - June

Just as quick as a snap of my fingers...guess what the UPS man delivered today?  My calendar!! And ya know what? It looks even better in person.  I have it hanging BACKWARDS so you can't see it in my stamp room cause it is unlucky to hang it before hand, I say if you can't see it, that does not count. So far the room has not burned down or a tornado has not taken the house away, so as long as we make it through tomorrow I think we are good to go.

This is a fun month, these are pictures from the September to Remember event that Rhonda and I put on in...September...ha!  We have another event March 13 so save the date for that one ok?

June 2010 topper

June 2010 month

One ringy dingy...two ringy dingy...remember Lily Tomlin doing that on Laugh In?  Ya don't? You're too young?  Well here ya go to refresh your memory, or to give you a hint of how fun TV used to be.

I was trying to find a clearer video but I guess there are not many out there.  I wish they would put this back on tv.  Will have to check TV-Land and see if they do.

Have a great New Years Eve, and be careful out there if you are out partying...we stay home! Ain't we old boring farts? Pull my finger...ha!

Thanks for stopping in!

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My Digital Studio Calendar - May

MAY I interest EWE in some pictures from our trip to Canada?  This month I show Eric's graduation picture, what a handsome devil he is eh?  Eric with Grandpa Dodds, and Eric with Grandpa and Grandma Fox. I also showed off some of Mum & Dad Fox's sheep.

May 2010 topper
May 2010 month

Today Mum Gibbs and I ran around on some errands, and before we did we stopped at MAMMa's so two of Mum's could meet.  It was funny cause I never even thought before but there is Marlene, my Arizona Mum.  Then my mother in law is Darlene, and what is even funner, is my real Mum's middle name is Darlene...freaky teaky. This is my brother Darryl and my other Darryl...ha! Remember that show?

So anyway we visited with MAMMa for a while, and look how cute they are?

P1010424 copy
Here is me and Mum:

P1010425 copy
I forgot my camera (or at least I thought I did) so MAMMa took the pics and emailed them to me.  I took Mum to the Deli, and that is where I realized I had my camera after all.  She really liked the food and they were super busy.  Some old man even took up a table of four just for himself and was reading the newspaper and taking his sweet old time, while people were waiting for a table.  Geesh!

Jeff is off now till the 11th. His company is shutting totally down and making everyone take it off with no pay.  Ugh! What a way to start the year out eh?  Oh well what can ya do? At least he has a job we keep telling ourselves.

Tonight we watched a couple movies that Mum and Dad had not seen "The Hangover" and "New In Town", they both got chuckles. 

Well I am getting one of my lovely headaches so I am gonna sign off and head to bed so I can hopefully fall asleep before it gets too bad.

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping in!

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My Digital Studio Calendar - April

I think I am enjoying seeing my calendar each day too.  Even though I just made it last week, I forgot what I did for each month...old age I tell ya. I figured out where I am going to hang it, and where I am hanging my True Blood calendar too.

I am glad I am able to share something with you each day while being busy at the same time.  Stampin' Up! called me a couple weeks ago and asked if I would like to do a Workshop Wow at the Regional event in Phoenix in January and I said "YES".  Then I was like hmmm...what will I show? When I demonstrated on the Mexican Riviera Cruise and Managers Reception they told me what they wanted me to do and sometimes that is easier, but they said I could demonstrate what I wanted, but just to let them know so we don't have repeats. I remembered something from the back of my head that I had wanted to try and never did, so I messed around with it and that will be my Demonstration, so I have been working on samples for that as well as upcoming classes and stuff.  I will show you after the event is over what I demonstrated.  So when you see me, please make sure to yell loud so I am not all nervous, this will be my first time with the camera man.  I think I remember on the Brady Bunch they said to think of the audience in their underwear.  OK, but underwear has come a long way...or should I say a "skimpier" way since the Brady Bunch was on TV...that might scare me or make me laugh...ha! But anyway, I am very honored to be asked and look forward to seeing everyone.

OK on to the calendar post:

April showers bring May flowers, these are more pictures from that beautiful park in Utah.

April 2010 topper

April 2010 month

I didn't add too much "stuff" to this page (or I think any of the pages if I remember right), cause the pictures are so pretty, and I didn't want the pages to get too busy, but with the My Digital Studio you can add buttons, ribbons, stamps etc.

Well Mum and Dad Gibbs are coming to our house tonight to spend the rest of their time in Arizona, so I better get off here and tidy up.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping in!

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My Digital Studio Calendar - March

March comes after February right? And finally it's me and my BFF, this day was so much fun we met my old Stampin' Up! SAM (Service Account Manager) Brandon and his friend Grant and they took us to this cool park in Salt Lake City, and we were feeding the ducks and the fish.  I think there was even a squirrel at one point.  Look at the duck to the left of Tracy waiting for the food. They were so tame it was funny. The day was beautiful and warm, and the guys had so much fun showing us around, and telling us all sorts of things about their beautiful State of Utah.  I hope we get to see them this year too, last year Brandon (he is always running marathons) left town when I arrived so I missed seeing him, and barely chatted on the phone.

The flowers at this place were beautiful too, and you will see those in the months to come.

March 2010 topper 

March 2010 month

I hope you are enjoying looking at the calendar as much as I had making it.  I can hardly wait till it comes so I can see it for real.  If I get my butt in gear I will get some old pictures uploaded into the computer this coming year and make some for gifts for next Christmas...oh my gosh I am already thinking about next Christmas...ha!

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping in!

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My Digital Studio Calendar - February

Before I start my calendar post I want to say Happy Birthday to my little sister Jacqui, (Jax for short), I miss her tons, and wish she lived closer, we have missed so much in each others lives by us living so far apart, when I go home to Canada to visit, when I come back home to Arizona, I will admit I am depressed for a while to realize how much we have missed.  Jacqui is one of those lucky people to have a birthday near Christmas day, now that we are older it is not as big of a deal, but growing up when you are young...yeah what a pain. "But that present was for Christmas and your birthday"...yeah whatever right?

Me and baby jax sepia
Here is me and baby Jacqui! I don't know who is happier me or her?

Here we are last year at Jacqui's house when we pulled the surprise on Vicki for Victopia.  Again, I don't know who is happier, me or her...but now she is taller then me, so I am her older, littler sister...ha! OMG! Jacqui and I sound just the same, and we laugh the same too, in fact when we laugh our noses wiggle and so does Mum's too and then we point at each others noses and laugh all the more.  But we sound so much alike, when I met Vicki (Jacqui's BFF)for the first time (Jacqui was not there), she kept saying "oh you sound just like Jacqui" and that made her miss Jacqui all the more.  In fact we sound so much alike that years ago when I used to work out of the house I called home and left a message for Jeff on the recorder "Hi, call me when you get home", so hours later I come home, and I beat Jeff home, and I hit play on the recorder and hear "Hi, call me when you get home", so I am like oh Jacqui called, wonder what she wants. So I pick up the phone and call Jacqui and she is like "I never called" and then I am like oh my gosh that was my voice and message for how stupid can ya be?  We got a good chuckle out of that one. So anyway little sister dear, I wish you a very Happy Birthday, and I love you and miss you and hope you get your butt to Arizona this year...or else!!!

OK back to the calendar posting...

This should make the men happy, they got a month before us girls did.

This one makes me smile and makes my heart tug a little, and my eyes tear a lot.  I sure wish that my BFF Tracy and her cutie patootie hubby Steve lived closer, we are such a compatible foursome it is spooky. The guys enjoy each other just as much as us girls do, (except I bet our conversations are much more interesting then theirs) and we can all hang out together or off on our own and not have to worry the others are not having fun. Tracy gets here in 10 days, so I can hardly think straight.  I asked Jeff the other day "do you think I can lose 20 pounds before Tracy gets here?" and he said "sure, I can cut it off ya"...ugh, isn't that a horrible thing, but funny too...cause he isn't serious... I remember growing up I wanted bigger boobs and my Granny has lots of boobs, well she only has two of them, but there is a bunch...and she used to say I could have some of hers.  Yeah we are quite the wacky bunch ain't we?  I can see some of you thinking of hitting the unsubscribe button, (content no longer relevant) and some of you nodding your head remembering saying the same things to your family, you are just smart enough to keep it to yourself...ha! That reminds me the time that Uncle Fester went down to the....oh never mind...

Here is February's month...

February 2010 topper
February 2010 month

These pictures are from our Bermuda cruise.  The guys and their beverages, the straw drinks was as the ship was taking off, and the Guinness mustaches were on one of our land walks.  They were a little snockered, it is hard to see but their eyes are a little glisteny. We are crossing our fingers we make the Alaska cruise in 2012. The guys met on the Alaska cruise on a fishing excursion the first time, years and years ago, they just didn't know who each other were till later, and Tracy and I only knew of each other,  we didn't really know each other till later, at the time we were all like "that's Tracy Altemose", "that's Diana Gibbs" and now we laugh and say "ha! we are just Tracy and Diana", and don't know why we were afraid to go up to each other, so we want Alaska SOOOO then the 20 extra pounds won't matter eh?

Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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