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September to Remember...

...and it sure was.

Today was our group event "September to Remember", we have been planning it (so to speak) since May.  Rhonda and I put these events on several times a year, and this time we were blessed with having Linda Hansen coming to speak to us and demonstrate too.  I want to share some pictures, and then I got to hit the hay, we have to take Linda to the airport tomorrow.  She is such a sweet sweet lady and I am sure glad I got to know her better. I even brought her home after dinner so she could see my stamp studio, oh and all you girls that went to the event, Linda says my stamp room is NOT MESSY!!!

Rhon, linda di copy

Here are Rhonda, Linda and I.  We took this at the end of the day, so we don't look too worse for wear.  So earlier in the day we took pictures, and I said "how is my hair?  I don't have a cowlick do I?" and everyone was like "NO!" So I look at the pictures later, and I was like OMG!  I had the hugest cowlick in my life, so if you see pictures popping up on blogs, and you see me with this humongous "Something About Mary" hair gel happening...just look away, and thank your lucky stars you don't have my hair issues.  So luckily we could retake these.  I will share more people pics later, we are all emailing each other pictures.  Rhonda, Linda, and I went out to eat after with MAMMa and Jenn, and we have pictures from dinner, we went to the Deli and those pictures turned out awesome.

Yesterday I showed you a tree using the O Christmas tree die, and here are a few more that I had to show at my demo table, these are very addicting.

DSCN9278 copy

Here are the make n takes everyone did.

DSCN9270 copy

A fun Christmas card...(obviously they will put their own photo on it) This just happens to be one of the creatures hanging on the wall in our front room, my hubby is a hunter.  I know I really should not have put the Santa hat on him, but really isn't it the perfect AZ Christmas card?

DSCN9271 copy

Season of Friendship card.  I got this idea from Ilina Crouse, and just altered it slightly.

DSCN9272 copy

The stair step card. This is the front view.

DSCN9273 copy

This is the side view.  This pattern is off of Splitcoast stampers.

DSCN9274 copy

They made a box, with 4 cards and envelopes.  The pattern is from Valerie Stangle.

DSCN9275 copy

Here are the cards that went inside...simple and elegant.

Stenciled tote

This picture was hard to take, but everyone made a stenciled tote.

DSCN9286 copy

Some of the girls

DSCN9287 copy

More girls

Well I gotta say that I had a blast and I think everyone had fun, we have such a great group of girls, and it is nice seeing them make new friends and catching up with old friends that they don't see very often.  I am off to bed, I am a tired old woman!

Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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