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I have had such fun playing with My Digital Studio (watch for a fun announcement on my blog on September 30th). I have not had as much time to play because of our September to Remember event and designing for my classes, but I have been sneaking time in, one thing that is fun about is, I can play and not make a mess. Sure I still enjoy getting my hands all inky, but it is kinda neat to design and then use that as like a pattern and make the card or page for "real".

One of the things I did was play around and make a new blog header, I saw my friend Patsy Waggoner had used My Digital Studio (MDS) to do hers and she gave me some great tips on how to do it. Thanks Patsy, I will never ditch you ever again...ha!

This is what I did:

I went into MDS and started to make an 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook page.  I did one from scratch, not one of the templates.  I played around with the colors and the punches and stamps till it looked how I wanted it.  I added text. Then I scrolled down a bit and added some text and put my signature line and put some background to go along with the header, then I saved it as a JPEG.

The page looked like this:

Blog header with signature-001

So using my Photoshop program (you may have another program you use) I then opened up this JPEG and then cropped it so it was the size I wanted, and then I re-sized it so it would work for my blog.

I had to go back and forth between re-sizing it and to get it to look right on my blog, I am NOT a computer whiz, so I am sure I did it the hard way, but hey I love it and feel proud that I did it by myself (with Patsy's help).

I don't know how to do it for other blogs, I just understand typepad, (to a certain extent) so if you have blogger or something, this may or may not work, but I just wanted to answer all the questions I have been getting on how I did it.

Hope you have fun playing with MDS.

Have an awesome Saturday, I'll post pics from our September to Remember event tomorrow!

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