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Rubber Cement Drizzle Tutorial

One of the techniques that I taught at this month's TLC (Technique Lover's Class - I took the Club name was confusing people), so it is just Technique Lover's Class a.k.a. T.L.C.  - anyway, one of the techniques was Rubber Cement Drizzle.

I did this years ago but I don't remember ever doing it for a class, and this month's TLC centered on glossy paper and different things you could do with it, and this one is a definite.

Here is the original post where you can see the finished card and recipe.

I made 3 videos today and will show one per week, and they are the techniques from this past weekends class, luckily I did them this morning, as I burned my dang fingers draining the spaghetti tonight, the stupid water came up onto the handle of the strainer and YOWZA!!!! They are still red and sore, don't know if they will blister or not.  Jeff said "why didn't you ask me to drain the spaghetti?" I usually do ask him but he was outside, so I will quote one of my favorite magnets..."I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was going to blame you" - Ha!

So anyway, here is the video on the Rubber Cement Drizzle...hope you like it.

Have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping in!

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