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Sepia Photo Tutorial

When I had my TLC Class one of the techniques I taught was a Sepia Photo and I learned how to do it from Jan Tink.  She used Vanilla craft ink and Basic Brown ink.  When I was playing last week working on my swap, I thought what happened if I used the watercolor pencils on creamy caramel and blended it with the sansodor and stumps, and it looked great and actually I found it a little easier to control then the Craft ink and Basic Brown ink.  It is a little different look, but still a great effect.

A couple posts ago I showed you my swap card here and I added a bit of color to the sepia look, so it almost reminded me of my bleached Courage card, I just love doing different things to get different looks.  So quite a few people asked me to show them how to do the Sepia photo, so instead of doing it with the inks like we did at class, and how I learned from Jan, I want to show you how to do it with the pencils and sansodor instead. Let me know if you try it and if you like it.

Here's the video, let me know if you have any questions.

Here is the finished card, so you can see it better.
DSCN8539 copy Stamp Set: Peace Within
Paper: Chocolate Chip, Creamy Caramel, Autumn Traditions
Ink: Basic Brown
Misc: Wide striped chocolate grosgrain, chocolate corduroy button, sansodor, stumps, watercolor pencils

Neat eh?

I also wanted to say a heart felt Welcome to Kathy and Donna, they have joined my Di's Country INKer's family, and I know they are going to love being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator just as much as I do.

Well I am gonna turn off the computer and hit the hay, I had to turn it off earlier as we were having quite the wind storm here, the power went off for a bit, and I didn't want to mess the computer up.  Plus it's a little hard to record a video in the dark...ha!

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping in!

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Herb Expressions in Red

Well it seems like the monsoon storms have hit Arizona finally.  It seems like every night we get lots of wind.  So far we have not had any rains here at the house to speak of, an odd bit of spitting but that is it, and it is so dry that we really need it.  The wind just gets picked up and it is like literally a wall of dust, that you can watch head your way.  Today it got to 112 degrees here at the house. Jeff smoked some ribs, so it was nice not heating up the kitchen, and they tasted so good, not as good as when we use Waldo's BBQ sauce, but we were all out, but hey I ate em up.

I had classes twice today, and I actually laid down a bit in between classes.  Jeff had the tv on and had some movie on something about people that had jumped off a boat and they forget to lower the ladder so they were stuck in the water, of course they started fighting and several drowned and all that, the movie was fictional, but man it sure made ya wonder "what if". Although I doubt I will be out in the sea on a yacht and if I was, would I get out in the ocean? No, so I could lower the ladder for everyone, and be the hero.  But the movie ended and you were like "are they dead? are they alive?" I hate movies like that, it is like I wasted 2 hours of my life...I could have been napping...ha!

I whipped up a quick easy card after everyone left class tonight. I love this set, and I love kraft and a touch of white on the edges, and red and kraft is beautiful.  So here's a simple but pretty card.

DSCN8537 copy Stamp Set: Herb Expressions
Paper: Kraft, Whisper White, Real Red Textured paper
Ink: Basic Black, Certainly Celery, Real Red, Going Gray, White Craft
Misc: Polka-Dot Grosgrain ribbon

Cute eh?

So I finished the book Wicked, it was pretty good.  I wanted to finish the book before I went to the play, and was not sure I would get it's a big book, and not a super fast read.  So anyway, I figure today, that yeah I wanna go to the play, Rhonda and I had talked about it a couple weeks ago, I asked MAMMa if she would want to go too, and she said yeah, and of course now it is sold out! Ha! That will teach me.

I am hoping that when I go to my BFF Tracy's house in PA some time, that she wants to take me to New York and we can see it there.

I guess I will just go out and buy the Wizard of OZ movie and watch it,  don't laugh, but I have never seen this movie, I have seen bits and pieces of it when it comes on tv once in a while, but I have never sat and watched it from start to finish, so I really want to see it now.

Well I am hitting the hay, I gotta get up early to get ready for my last round of Parisian Breeze class.

I hope you have a great Monday, and thanks so much for stopping in!

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Calendars, ChitChat, and Blog Award(s)

So the other day when I saw the preview of the new Holiday Mini I saw there is going to be a new 2010 Calendar Kit, and I am so loving the look of it.  I do a calendar class every year and I will be doing it again this year.  Last year I also did calendar kits in the mail, which were very popular, so if you want to know when those will be available make sure to sign up for my newsletter.  Email me at and asked to be added to get my monthly newsletters.

Today was my first day of Parisian Breeze classes, and everyone loved the projects.  I have another class tomorrow and on Monday, and that will wrap this baby up. 

The other day I got a blog award from Nicole Anderson, and I had never seen this award before, and not only am I honored to get this from the very talented Nicole, I must admit the "I Like Your Style" blog award is gorgeous....what do you think?

I-Like-Your-Style When I first saw it, I thought it was a butterfly, and then I looked at it better, and it is actually an eye, it is so cool looking, I mean there might even be birds flying underneath, I don't know, but it is pretty.  Thanks Nicole.

I know I am supposed to give this award to other bloggers, but I was thinking how about YOU tell ME who you think should get this award.  I love finding new blogs to look at.  I mean I think I have seen them all, and then click you find one and say "where've you been all my life blog?"

Have a great Sunday, and thanks for stopping in!

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Yeehaw RAK

So today I finished cutting paper for my Parisian Breeze class, and started to Big Shot the Daisie 2 die pieces, I figure there will be too many people at class and there might be a slow down while people wait for the Big Shot so I have been doing them... of course when I started, my utility company decided to turn off the power for a couple hours so I couldn't see a thing...ok, it is freaking hot out, at least they waited till later in the day but still shouldn't they have to tell us? I know when our water company is going to do something that will turn off our water they put a note on our door.  I mean what if I had of had a roast in the oven or something. 

We took off and went to Rosati's for supper, and by the time we got back the power was back on.

So I am very glad I waited to show you this cute RAK from Shelli Deckard, I can not remember the name of the sets, but I am wishing I had of bought it, that boot is adorable.  I know the flowers are from the set with the rubber boots, but this old gal is lazy and does not want to look it up....bad, bad Di.

It is all retired so you don't need to rush to your new catalog to look for it.  It is a blast from the past card.

Kickin' card from Shelli:

DSCN8531 copy Cute eh?

OK, I gotta get back to Daisie cuttin'!

Have a super Saturday and thanks for stopping in!

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Cacti Trio

I have a Parisian Breeze class coming up this weekend, and have been getting the class packets ready, but between DirectTV coming, our old cable coming to disconnect, Eric having a Doc appt, having a dinner meeting, this week is speeding by, and it has been so stinkin' hot here...ugh! You would think we live in the desert or something....oh wait....we do.

I had a fun mail day the other day, and have some RAK's to share with you...I'm gonna be mean and spread em out, that way in case I don't have time to sit and stamp, you at least having something new to look at.

This one is by our friend Ellie Wilkins, and it is a photograph of cacti's, and I am not sure if it is real flowers coming out like flames, or if they are blown glass flames coming out, either way it it is gorgeous!!!! 

Breathtaking card by Ellie Wilkins:
Ellie photo card It is actually a photograph that is run through the cuttlebug, and then cut into threes, then each piece is mounted on cardstock and then adhered to a regular size card....isn't it cool?

I have done this with stamps, but never a photo, holy moly!

So if Ellie does not read my blog and correct me, I will see her at class this weekend, and I will find out about the red "flames", and let you know.

Added later: Ellie says "The "flames" are indeed glass, by my most favorite artist, Dale Chihuly, whose work was on display at the Desert Botanical Garden for several months this spring. Ed and I have been members of the garden for many years and one of the best perks of being a member was free tickets to see this extraordinary exhibit. I think we went 5 times!!
I have also done the cuttlebug embossing on photos of my roses and they turned out great too! Super quick card!!"  - Thanks Ellie for clarifying that for us!  Beautiful!!!

I have an adorable card from Shelli Deckard, my pal from Prescott Pines, and I will share that another day. All I can say is Yeehaw! I love it!!!

Have an awesome Friday, and thanks for stopping in!

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