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Oldies but Goodies

So when I was pulling out stamp sets to do the PCP sketch, I pulled out these two retired old favorites. I am glad I did.  I got a phone call from a girl friend last night, Amy (hey sweet cheeks), and she invited me to go to a movie today and surprise two of our other friends, Robin, who I have not seen in forever, and Melissa my fellow vampire lover partner in crime. We are both vampire freaks...anyway.  So we were gonna go see "The Ugly Truth" and we even all bought our tickets.  We went to eat at Johnny Rockets and got gabbing about movies we wanted to see.  Well we talked about "The Hangover" and Melissa and I were both, "oh we want to see that" and we were even thinking we would go see it after "The Ugly Truth" we checked the times to see if it would work and then I think Robin or Amy said "why don't we just switch our tickets", so we did, we traded our tickets, and went to see "The Hangover" instead, I am so glad, it was hilarious, and I had not heard super reviews about "The Ugly Truth" movie........anyway, if you have not seen "The Hangover" I highly recommend it BUT, and this is a Big BUTT (notice spelling), there is swearing, and nudity, and stuff, but it is still hilarious...for adults!

They showed previews for the Adam Sandler movie "Funny People" which looks good, but I swear half the people in the cast were in the movie "Knocked Up"  it is so funny, how they team up people over and over.  Like Brad Pitt and George Clooney, I watched "Burn after Reading" the other night, that was a weird movie, one you had to really pay attention to, and what? is it like the 10th movie they have been in together?

We hoped for a preview of "New Moon", the second Twilight movie, but nope, there was tons of tv commercials, we almost forgot what movie we were gonna see cause they went on forever!!!

So anyway I got home, and "hopped to it" to make another card using Wendy's PCP sketch, cause it is so cute and so fast!

DSCN8551 copy Stamp Sets: Unfrogettable, Birthday Banter
Paper: Whisper White, Garden Green
Ink: Basic Black
Misc: 3/4" circle punch, prismacolor pencils, sansodor, stumps

Well I don't have much more to say, as I am whooped and need to hit the hay!

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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