TLC Class - Ink Wash Faux Embossing
Grrreat RAK!

A Wheelie Good Time

Today was my first round of TLC Classes 2.  These are so much fun.  Sometimes coming up with a technique people have not seen is hard, but if you look around the blog-o-sphere I am sure you can find one or two.  The girls had a good time today.  The last bunch comes in the morning.  I didn't get to stamping anything for you today but I did want to share a little bit of going green, or recycling.

I have a couple good friends and customers that work for Gold Canyon candles, and every once in a while when they come to class they will bring me a candle as a present.  Well I take the lids off and put them in a drawer, and then the candle gets burned down and sometimes I re-use the container or I toss it, and so when I was going through my drawers the other kitchen drawers...ha!  I came across these three lids, and I almost tossed them away and then I looked at them better, and I was like, well if I take off that plastic/rubber gaskety thing, and turn it upside down and it is kinda like a dish.

Like this...DSCN8500 copy you know what I am using it for?

My sansodor oil, there is no tipping this sucker over...ha!

Luckily I had three of them so I have one for each table at class.  I remember tossing some away a few months back...drat!!!

So since I didn't get a card done I thought I would share a couple fun pictures with you.

This one is my BFF Tracy and I on the Panama Canal cruise. Bff and wheel001 I love this picture of the two of us.  This is not photo-shopped either, this was a huge wheel. Tracy is a actually sitting on it.  It was made for a float and they brought it on board for pictures. Look how young and skinny we were.

How do I remember which trip? (cause after a while they kinda jumble all up and you forget which trip was what) This one I remember cause we waited out by the photography room door (you can see the wheel sitting inside waiting for us. - Ha! )We wanted to be first in line, DSCN0555 and we watched the panama canal board things go by the windows as we went down into the canal...yeah I know it is so technical, I barely understand myself and I was there. Ha!

We wanted the guys to get their pictures too and they were like OH NO! they were having none of that.  I think Jeff was a little more on the maybe side and Steve was a definite no.  Well then we saw people having fun with the wheel running people over and all that. So then the guys were like OH WAIT that sounds like fun, so that is why we were waiting to get the pictures done, before the guys changed their minds.  They are worse then women, I swear!

Jeff and i with wheel002 Here is me and the old man. I have this one as an 8x10 framed on my wall in my studio, everyone does think it is not real, but I just say yep it is. I think it is hilarious!

DSCN0706 Here's a picture of the wheel taken from our balcony, it is all packed up to head back to SLC.  We were watching them unload stuff off the ship as we waited to be called to disembark, and we were like "Hey there's the wheel!!" Too funny.

The next year they brought the wheel again, and they realized that us Demonstrators like to think outside the box and were not gonna be content to just leave it sitting nicely on the floor so we could sit on it for our picture, so they added two little wheels to the end so they could move it around easier.

Well I am headed to bed, I got class in the morning and need to clean up and get ready.  The cleaning fairies won't do it while I sleep! ha!

Have a great Sunday, I hope the weather is beautiful where ever you live.

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