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When we moved to Queen Creek (which might be called San Tan Valley some day...who knows....grrr), 11 or 12 years ago there was nothing out here where we built our house, the real estate guy just drove us basically out in the desert and said "do you like this property?" and we really did, the borders were just marked with a little stake in each corner.  So we made our bid, and bought the property, and then eventually the house started to get built.  One day we came out on the weekend (we came out every weekend to check on things), we were like hey we had neighbors, there was a house being built not too far away, so we walked over there to say hi and danged if the guy didn't work at the same place as Jeff, cause they recognized each other.  So anyway, when my Dad came to visit one time shortly after we moved in he was walking around, and he found a little cactus, just a flat little thing in the back yard.  So after all these years, it is getting taller and taller and it blooms every year.  We love it, cause it was just here all on it's own. We didn't plant it, Mother Nature did.

DSCN8389 copy Here are the flowers on it.  They are not all open yet, and they open and close throughout the day. Eventually I think when they die Jeff picks them off and throws them on the ground for the critters to eat.

DSCN8390 copy But look how funny this little guy was, there were a few bees flying around and he was right in there and digging and digging I mean eventually...

DSCN8391 copy ...all you saw was his little butt sticking out, it reminded me off the Bee Movie, remember that one?

You can see all the pollen they are getting on the flower.

They must not have been killer bees cause they never messed with me or anything, they just buzzed around content to be in the flower, of course I didn't mess with them either.  I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday.

So today I was working on my swap, yeah I saved it till the last day, but hey it was not like I had to deliver myself...I will get them sorted and put in the mail on Monday.  Wanna see it?
I did the Lots of Bots set again.  Hopefully you aren't sick of it yet.  We only had limited amount of things that we could pre-order, so come July 1st at noon, look out, the catalog will be live, so all of us, you included can be ordering brand new stuff...tick...tock...tick...tock!!!

DSCN8394 copy Stamp Set: Lots of Bots
Paper: Melon Mambo, Basic Black, Pumpkin Pie, Whisper White, Razzleberry Lemonade
Ink: Basic Black
Misc: Melon Mambo Polka Dotted ribbon, Clip Assortment, Scallop punch, Watercolor Pencils, Sansodor, stumps

So while I was playing around with the SU! watercolor pencils, I realized a few of them kinda match the new In Colors, so that is cool. Cause you know how I am addicted to the sansodor and stumps now. Copics Schmopics!

So I installed Firefox so that I don't have those stupid error messages all the time from Windows Internet Explorer. I just have to get use to Firefox, the fonts look way weird, and instead of favorites I have bookmarks.  I don't like the way the fonts look on my blog, it was nicer with the IE, so I hope it is just me, and that it looks nice for all of you. I would hate that all this time, it looked like a yucky font.

Well I am calling it a night, my buddy Rhonda just left, she dropped off her swap, we chatted for about an hour, but if her hubby asks, it was 5 minutes...ha!

Have a great Sunday everyone, and thanks so much for stopping in!

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