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American Idol Shock!

I am still dumb founded...I would have bet (thank goodness I didn't) that Adam was going to win American Idol.  Looking back, I guess we should have seen it coming when Kris beat Danny, but still I did not see it coming.  I am happy for both of them...and didn't I say yesterday Kris should do Keith Urban-ish music and who did he sing with? ha!

Jeff was like "who is Adam gonna sing with?" and I guessed Aerosmith.  When he started singing one of my favorite Kiss songs, I started to scream, when they showed Kiss coming down onto the stage and they were full make-up, I screamed louder. Adam fit right in with his Mad Max beyond Thunderdome outfit and big ol' boots.  This was the best finale ever.  I could have done without Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas, but I forgive them cause of Kiss, and Queen.  Oh and Kara, I still don't like, but I screamed and laughed so loud when she started singing over and BETTER then the do-dobird bikini girl with the new boobs (and I thought one was gonna fall out), and then when she opened her dress and showed her bikini, that made me laugh too.  I still hope she is not on the show next year, but that was funny, and a great way to end her American Idol judge career.

I did not care for Alison and Cyndi Lauper's duet, that sounded horrible. I could not figure out if Rod Stewart was drunk or what, but Jeff said close your eyes and don't watch him and he sounded just like the old Rod Stewart, or should I say young Rod Stewart, and he did...I love that song.

So, I apologize I don't have any card to show ya, I will tomorrow, I was gone most of the day, I had a great lunch with my long time friend Teri, (waving hi) it was her birthday lunch, and we wandered around Micheals. So I did get a few things stamped and colored but nothing completed, and I wanted to watch American Idol with Jeff instead of alone in my studio, so I hope you understand.

Have a great Thursday, and thanks for stopping in!

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Tiny little critter...tonight I moved a tarp on the back porch and found a new friend.  I scooped him up and brought him in, I thought you would like to see him.

DSCN8065 copy What ya think? Should I keep him? He seemed to like my paper cutter. His name is Ralphie.

Before I asked him for a discount on our car insurance I thought we better get to know each other a little better.

So I popped some popcorn, poured him a soda and we enjoyed...

DSCN8068 copy ...American Idol together, he told me to tell you that he thought that Paula needs to lay in the shade a bit more, and he felt bad that she forgot to get dressed and left her lounging pajamas on when Simon was all dressed up.

He totally was into Randy's 3 different fabric ensemble, plaids, stipes and dots.

DSCN8052 copy Ralphie was sporting his own stripes and dots for the occassion.



After we watched a few songs,

DSCN8079 copy

Ralphie got a better view by sitting on my shoulders, he got a call from the little misses and had to hit the road, you should have seen his little car zip back under that tarp, it was adorable.

OK, I am just being a wacko.  I did put him back under the tarp, cause I hope he is still there when my BFF cause to visit in 2 weeks!!!!!

As for my American Idol opinion I think Adam has won it hands down, he was better tonight then Kris and that Mad World song better be on his first album. I am so excited to see what kind of album he puts out, and I hope Kris puts out a country album...Keith Urban-ish!

So I played today with some of the TLC (Technique Lover Class) projects. 

DSCN8081 copy This is one technique that I want to do, obviously these will be made into cards, but I love these colors.  I am not sure on the Bloomin' Beautiful one, I think I want to cut out the flowers and just do the pot on plain paper stamped in black, so the flowers stand out more,and pop them. Class attendees will just make one card using this technique, I am just playing around right now, but they are so pretty, it almost looks like stained glass.

Oh my gosh so we found out that as Demonstrators we will be able to get the brand new catalog with our first Demonstrator order that we place on June 1, I will be 2 daying my order so I will have it in my hands on June 3rd. My BFF and I will be looking at it together, it will be like our own personal little convention.  I almost peed. If you want to get the catalog that early too, now is the time to sign up to become a Demonstrator, I would love to have you join my Di's Country INKers team, and you can sign up for $75.00 right now.  You will also save 30% on your first order (and that order will have your brand new catalog in it)  I would love to talk to you about it, and answer any questions you may have.  Send me an email at and I can call you.  You can sign up online through my website, holler at me to get the code to get in. Ask about my sign on gift when you join my Stampin' Up! family.

I added a new subscribe to my blog thingie, it is over to the left called RSS, if you click that it will take you to another page and subscribe through what you choose, but I like Googlereader.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great Wednesday everyone, and thanks for stopping in!

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My First Cinema Saturday Challenge...

...and it's Twilight! So does that surprise you that I did it? Ha!

My beautiful friend Sankari and her friend Brooke have a great Blog where they have a challenge every Saturday.  On Friday they show snippets, and when I say snippets I mean teensy itsy bitsy tiny mini picture pieces of a movie, they keep adding more so you can guess the movie that they will be doing the challenge for on the following day. You would be surprised at how fast people guess with such a small hint.

So this week was Twilight. The challenge was to use the colors Red and Black in your card with Sparkles!  You are not limited to those two colors, and you were to have fun adding the sparkle.  Well Sankari's card is drop dead gorgeous and I love how she takes the pictures of her cards.  I was gabbing with her last week, and I told her I was going to start doing her challenges, so I picked a great week to start. She also promised to come visit me in Arizona, and that I can hardly wait for.

Here is my card.  I used the apple because there is an apple on the book cover, and the apple is forbidden fruit like Bella (although with me doing the cleanse diet, I am eating a lot of them lately), and I love love love this retired set, and it was full of apples.  I was tempted to color them all green, except one, but I just did them all red.  This is also my first attempt at coloring a full image and making a card using my sansodor and watercolor pencils, I also used the prismacolor pencils too.  I love how the bucket and the background turned out.  I wish my apples had more definition, but I have to practice more.

Let me know what you think...

DSCN8044 copy Stamp Set: Give Thanks, Great Friend

Ink: Memento Tuxedo

Paper: Whisper White, More Mustard, Basic Black, Real Red, Patterns Pack from Hostess set

Misc: Watercolor Pencils, Prismacolor Pencils, Sansodor, stumps (getting used to those too), white gel pen, little bit of bling (for my sparkle) was added on the screw of the handle of the bucket.

I like how it turned out. My friend Marjori will be so happy I used this set, it is one of her favorite...ha!!! (waving Hi to Marjori with a sheepish grin)

DSCN8042 copy Here you can see it a little closer, aren't I getting all fancy with my crooked photos?

A few of you have emailed me to ask me to take pictures of my neighbors fence.  I went out today to do it, and they have filled more in, and I was afraid my neighbor would wonder what I was doing.

To get a good picture, I would have to go over closer to the fence and he would really see me. He is nice, but I still don't want him asking questions about what I was will just have to take my word on it.

Those of you that have subscribed through Feedblitz, I don't know how accurate that is.  I know I have subscribed to blogs through it and NEVER see any emails notices.  I would just either go to my blog every day, I usually post every day...or use Googlereader, that is way easier, and what I rely on now.  I tried to find a Googlereader widget signer upper doohicky, but couldn't.  So I just wanted to give you a heads up if you don't see anything come to your email about my blog being's not's Feedblitz.

Have a great Tuesday, I am headed to the dentist, I think I got a crown loose, I hope not, but sometimes it feels like it, perhaps all the apple acid juice has eaten away my crown glue.  My BFF Tracy is coming for a week, the first part of June so I wanna get all that stuff done before she comes.  I also have my Technique Lovers Class to figure out and post projects so that can all be ordered too by the end of the month.

Back to Feedblitz, if you want to receive my email newsletter (this is different then a notice that I have updated my blog). This is my Stampin' Up! newsletter, with ideas, and class schedules etc.  Please email me at and tell me to add you.  Many people misunderstand when they subscribe to my blog that they are signing up for my newsletter and that is not the case.  I would love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for stopping in!  Make sure to try the Cinema Saturday challenge.  I'm gonna go turn on my Twilight soundtrack while I work on my class...and be inspired!

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Stampin' Out Alzheimer's

Before I get to my blog post today I want to mention an awesome opportunity to help Stamp Out Alzheimer's disease. My friend and fellow Paper Craft Planet Design Team Members Susanna Boyd and Jen Tapler have teamed up to create a special, short-term community where challenges, tutorials, free kits and more will be offered by over 30 generous sponsors to help our efforts to raise money for Alzheimer's disease research. Watch this short video as Susanna explains...

I hope you will stop by Stampin' Out Alzheimer's and become part of this week-long fundraising event. 100% of the proceeds go to The Alzheimer's Association at .

To donate, I have a Stampin' Out Alzheimer's Widget off to the right, and it is simple to do, just click on the $5 and a little box will drop down so you can choose how much you would like to donate, then click the give and it takes you to paypal, and it's as simple as that.  Thank you so much for helping. Even if Alzheimer's disease has not touched your family personally, I am sure you know someone that is affected by this horrible disease in some way or another, like Susanna and Jen.

Ok, now to my original post...

I wanted to share with you one of the other projects the girls made at my Big Shot Class part two, and this I think was my favorite.  I learned how to make one of these at a class that I took at MAMMa's.  I used different cardstock, and DSP, and embellished it differently.

DSCN8036 copy Stamp Set: Fifth Avenue Floral, (I love this set)

Paper: Urban Oasis DSP, Kraft, Watercolor paper, Kiwi Kiss Textured paper

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Baja Breeze, Kiwi Kiss, Basic Black Marker

Misc: Black gingham, jumbo brads, Baja Breeze striped ribbon, scallop punch, pretties rhinestone brads, spritzer tool

Here you can see the top better, and I actually got the idea for the flower embellishment from the Stampin' Success magazine. What is great about being a Demonstrator is we get a magazine every month filled with business ideas, stamping ideas and tips, and we also have great ideas on line too.  So the flower embellishment was on another project they showed, and I thought it would look great on here.

DSCN8037 copy What do you think? Pretty eh?

I just used the hot glue gun to attach the flower to the ribbon that was tied around the box.  I got it out for another project a while ago, and I thought why don't I use this more often, especially when attaching things you really don't want coming off, and if something is going to be handled a lot.

So the hot glue gun has now found a spot in my stamp room where I can get to it in a flash.  I just have to remember to unplug it.

I have received a couple awards lately, and I need to go find where they are...I'll be right back...ok here they are:

Friends blog award This one is from Vicki - Thanks Vicki!

The Karma Award: These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind of bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

So the eight I will pick are:

Rhonda Morgan - my great friend and Stampin' Up! upline

Sankari Wegman - my beautiful prrrrrrr, someday we will meet and I can hardly wait till then

Jacqui Lines - she may be my sister, but she is also one of my best friends and I miss her 

Nikki Fairbairn - I wanna be Nikki when I grow up.  I got my Sansodor, I'm half way there!!

Pam Hooten - she does jaw dropping beautiful stuff

Valerie Stangle - she is such a great stamper, and a great person, I am so glad I got to meet her

Mothermark - it is awesome how she finds things for inspiration, some of it is quite funny

Jenn Balcer - this gorgeous woman, is as beautiful inside as out, and darn tootin' funny to boot


Blog award ladybug This one was from Lezlie - Thanks Lezlie!

I think this one is adorable. So this one does make my heart smile. The rules are:

Now it is my turn to pass along the award!
Here are the rules:
1. The winner may put the logo onto their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 10 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs.
5. Notify the nominees.

I'm gonna take the easy way out and nominate all my Paper Craft Planet DT members, how bad is that? There are more then 10, but the more the merrier right? But they do make my heart smile, we have all formed a bond that I treasure every day.  So all you PCP gals this buds bugs for you.

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping in!

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Old Time Slapstick

My Poppa and Granny have/had these old tapes and I remember one was a black and white and it was called the Keystone Cops (I think), and there was no sound, or if there was it was just music.  But the cops were chasing the bad guys (it was a man and a lady) and the cops are half falling off the car, and the car stalls on the train tracks and they pull it in half, it is funny, and it probably runs maybe 15 minutes I don't know. I just remember that at the end, I think Poppa would turn it off quick, cause it was like melting in the projector as it was showing the credits, cause you could see it on the screen.

Why am I talking about this? Well it reminds me of what is happening in my neighbors yard, he has the 2 Stooges working for him. Curly (envision ZZ Top - the long gray beard), and Larry (a bit younger, and I think he may be Curly's understudy - heaven help us)  So anyway, I think it is going on 3 weeks now that they started building this block fence.  Now I have never and will never build a block fence, but I am almost certain they are not doing it right.  The neighbor says they have never built one before but they needed the money.  Jeff said perhaps they are making a career of it. OK then, now Curly will mix up the cement, and he will walk back and forth 10 times with his little trowel full of cement to where he needs it.  They have the posts built all around, and now they are filling them in with the actual wall, but it seems like they start some here then they move over there and do some on another spot.  I wonder if they just work where the shade lands? It is AZ ya know...blistering hot. 

Now most of the work seems to happen at night, they use these 2 bright lights on poles and work like that, can you build a block fence in the dark? How can you see if it is level? Wouldn't you use a level? How could you see that little blob of oil or whatever is in the level to show it is level?  One day I am afraid I am gonna wake up, and when I take Toby out to go potty (that is how I am seeing all this - I aint Gladys Kravitz and being all nosy) but I am afraid I will go out and Curly is gonna have his beard cemented into the wall, and Larry has hit the road cause Curly told him to go home early (by 1am), and he would just stay to add a few more blocks.  Have you ever seen the faces people put on trees? The eyes, and noses and mouths?  Yeah well this will be the new fad, a block fence with a beard...I mean heck they had to cut him out of there right?

I hope the plumber we have coming today isn't Moe. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Doink! Ow my eye!!!

So yesterday the Trilogy Scrapbook Club came and made their make n takes for their day out.  They only had a couple hours cause they had a busy day. I think it was the quickest class I had in a long time. This was a private class that they requested, and I had a blast.

DSCN8029 copy Here is the room waitin' on the ladies....say it like Joey on Friends....layydeeeezzzz!

Each table is a different make n take, sometimes I have people move around, and sometimes it works where I can just move the buckets when the tables are done.

That is how we did it today.  I prefer that for them so they dont have to move, and if someone is making notes on their blotter pad, or is a little messier then the next person, they don't lose their notes, and or the person next does not have snail all over their card, or arm.

DSCN8030 copy This is the table that forgot their official name tags, and they had to resort to writing their name on a sticker and sticking it on their shirt. The other tables were teasing them, until 3 out of the 5 at the table won door prizes...ha!

Say "Hi" to: Pat, Kathy, Marilyn, Ruth & Kay

DSCN8031 copy Here are the ladies by the door, it is so fun how everyone gets along, they tease each other, and it is like a sisterhood.  I want to move to Trilogy when I retire.

Say "Howdee" to: Nancy, Maureen D, Maureen Y, and Faye

We had one lady that rides on one of those cool skooters, and they all took care of her and we got her inside without any trouble, leaving was quicker as we had her ride through the house and out the front door.

DSCN8032 copy Here is the center table. Ellie is the fearless leader of the group, and she scheduled the day!

Say "What's Up" to: Lois, Ellie, Linda, Sandi and Penny

Oh and just so you put a face to past emails, Lois (blue t-shirt) is the lady behind some of the recipes I have shared, remember the pecan praline muffins? I'm still walking a few of those off.  Ellie, is THE Ellie that sends me awesome cards that I have shared with you recently, and she said she would start putting recipes on the back.

I just want to thank all of them for coming out and spending some time with me. I hope we can do it again! Sending hugs and love to you all!

So today was my first round of my Big Shot Class Part Two, and I promised I would show you what they made. Here is one of the projects, I will show you another one tomorrow.

DSCN8033 copy Stamp Set: Oval All

Paper: Basic Gray, Whisper White, Urban Oasis Designer Series Paper, Cardstock Vellum, Basic Gray Textured Paper

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, So Saffron, Baja Breeze, Regal Rose, Kiwi Kiss

MIsc: Oval punch, Oval scallop punch, white gel pen, white organza ribbon, Manhattan Flower Textured Impressions Die (this is an embossing folder similar to the cuttlebug folders, but it is a little sturdier plastic and a little wider)

We just embossed  the cardstock vellum with the folder and cut out around the flowers. Attach the vellum to the DSP making sure to put the adhesive so that the ribbon will cover it up and hide it.

Pretty eh?

Have an extraordinary Sunday, thanks for stopping in!

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