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Aloha Eh!

While I was in C eh! N eh! D eh! at Victopia I stamped some Riley's at Vicki's that I didn't have. One I stamped is so cute, I made my card all up and I had my story all planned and then I went to find it over at Hanna Stamps! and oops it is not out yet...ha! Just wait it's a cutie.

So this one is available, and it is also a continuation in the Timber and Sophie story. Tonight on the Hallmark channel...ok not really.

So a few of you were worried that Timber and Sophie got hitched too soon, and I explained that they actually dated for a year before they got married I just showed the wedding picture sooner then the stories...if you know me, I do leap from one topic to another pretty easily.

After Timber and Sophie had dated for a while, they earned a trip to Hawaii, Sophie sells seashells by the seashore, and she was one of the top sellers.  So off they went.  While they were there they went to a Luau, and they asked for volunteers to learn to do the hula.  Well of course Timber thought Sophie would be perfect.  She had taken dance when she was younger, and to be honest he wanted to see her in that grass skirt.  So off Sophie went behind the curtains for a quick course in the art of the hula.  The teacher motioned them all out on the stage and then next thing you know a Don Ho look-a-like started playing Tiny Bubbles and all the girls began to do the hula.  Timber could not take his eyes off his Sophie.  How lucky could he have gotten to find such a catch.  Sophie was so scared but all she did was keep her eyes on Timber in the crowd and it was like all the people disappeared except for him.  He/She knew that all they needed was each other to be happy...oh and the grass skirt...Timber had plans for that later...ha! Bad Timber.

DSCN8113 copy Stamp Set: Hula Sophie G

Ink:  Memento Tuxedo, Copics, Baja Breeze

Paper: Tempting Turquoise, Whisper White, Background paper I got while I was in Canada, I think at Sheila's store.

Misc: White organza, paper flowers from my sister, tempting turquoise buttons, nestabilities, sansodor, watercolor pencils, stumps

So it's day 4 of questions, to win the mystery blog candy on the 28th.  Today's question is: What is the Stampin' Up! product that gets ooh's and ahh's from your friends and/or customers?  My answer: The Big Shot...even my hubby was impressed. When I was getting matchbox dies ready for my Big Shot class he was like "WOW that machine makes boxes?"  and I said "well no honey, I make the box, the machine just cuts it out and scores it.." - ha! Just like when I got my crop-o-dile...he was impressed with it, men like the big stuff...oh and Jeff took art in school like I did, so I think that is why he loves the Stampin' Up! stuff, cause he "gets it", he is pretty impressed with the sansodor and pencils too.

Hope you have a great Tuesday, I have to go get my teeth cleaned. Fun stuff!

Thanks for stopping in!

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So lucky... BFF Tracy will be here in a little over a week.  It seems like forever since she made her flight, and I have so much to do this week leading up to Eric's Graduation on Thursday night, and then his Graduation party on Saturday so that will make the time go faster.

I also have classes to plan too. My TLC class is filling up quickly, the morning is pretty much full and only a few seats left in the night class. I also have a 10/10/20 Birthday card class in June, and I need to get those cards designed as well.

When I was at home (my hubby gets mad when I call Canada home...cause he says Arizona is my home - but I think of them both as home...when I was in Canada, I said home, and meant AZ)  last month, while I was at Victopia I sat and colored a bunch of images.  To me, coloring is peaceful and makes me happy, and well you can visit and not pay super attention to what you are doing in a way, unlike cutting out...another thing I love to do, but that takes a good light and concentration, nothing makes me madder then being almost done cutting something out and then cut off a piece of leaf or something and have to start all over.

I remember growing up and one night after supper doing dishes, there was this one dish that was so crusted with food, you know the kind "Mum I'm gonna let it soak" cause you figure you would let it soak all night and then someone else would wash it...but not this time, I scrubbed and scrubbed that dang dish, only to drop the freakin' thing when I was drying it and smashed it all to heck...I was like should have thrown it away to begin with...ha!

So anyway, one of the images I colored while I was at Vicki's was this little farmer girl from The Greeting Farm.  A few months back I won a contest that The Greeting Farm was having and I got this set for free, as well as an Anya set (I also colored an Anya but I have not made her into a card yet)...anyway I colored all these things so I figured it would be easy to whip up cards when I needed them, and this one I know exactly who is going to get it.

DSCN8111 copy Stamp Set: Rock the Farm

Paper: Old Olive, More Mustard, Whisper White, the background paper is called Urban Prairie from Basic Gray

Ink: Memento Tuxedo, Copic Markers

Misc: Old Olive wide grosgrain, Loop to Loop rub-ons, white gel pen

Don't forget to head over to Stampin Out Alzheimer's - the event starts today, there are challenges, and prizes, and free downloads etc. Please go check it out, and thanks so much to everyone that has donated so far, it means so much to all of us. 

OK today is day 3 of questions so you have another chance at winning the Mystery Blog Candy on the 28th.

Today's question is:  What is the weirdest thing you have done with a Stampin' Up! product, in a non-stamping way.  My answer is: I used Crystal Effects to glue my shoe.

Have a nice Memorial Day, and thanks so much for stopping in!

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You Float My Boat

This is one of the cards that everyone will be making at my Technique Lover's Club (TLC) class. This is the Sansodor w/watercolor pencils technique.  I love this set, and this technique is perfect for it.

DSCN8091 copy Stamp Set: Boatloads of Love

Paper: So Saffron, Basic Gray, Bashful Blue, Whisper White, Walk in the Park Designer Series paper

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Bashful Blue

Misc: White brads, Scallop border punch, Basic Gray Taffeta ribbon, scallop circle punch to use as a cloud stencil, watercolor pencils, sansodor, stumps, white gel pen

So today is the second day to answer a question to have your name put in to win my Mystery Blog Candy on the 28th.  Today's question is: What is your favorite Stampin' Up! stamp set of all time, this can be a retired set or a current set. My answer is Stella Stamper.

Make sure you answer the question down underneath this post in the comment section. If you don't see the comment section, then right under this post will be a word that says comment. Click on that and it will open up for you. A few of you answered over in the little box to the left, that is what you want to use if you have a question, or if I want to answer something in a comment....I know details, details...ha!

You will be happy to know that I got Eric's sandwich ordered for his graduation party.  Jeff was telling me I had to give 2 weeks notice.  So I was freaking since it is a week I called and they need 24 hours notice...I freaked for nothing.

My sister is saying what she is thankful for on her blog. I am thankful that the hairs on my chin are now coming in gray, they are less noticeable then the dark ones, so if I don't pluck them fast enough it is harder for people to see them. I am such a Pollyanna. ha!

Have a great Sunday, and thanks for stopping in!

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Mystery Blog Candy

So I have some very exciting news to tell you, but I can't tell you till the 28th.  On the 28th I will tell you my awesome news, and you will also win the Mystery Blog Candy.

Each day you want to check out my blog, and answer the question of the day, and on the 28th at noon, I will randomly pick the winner from all the answers for all the 5 days.  Does that sound like fun? Today's question is: What would you love to see in the new Stampin' Up! catalog?  I know I would love to see Flower Soft.

I got my TLC (Technique Lover's Club) Class figured out, and sent that email to everyone on my list. If you are not getting my emails, let me know so I can add you.

Every month I am going to be teaching a class called Technique Lover's Club (TLC for short). At each class everyone will be learning 3 different techniques, and class attendees will receive a variety of products so they can go home and continue to do the techniques they learned that day.

DSCN8099 copy These are the cards that they will be making for TLC Class 1.

The techniques are: 1.) Sansodor w/Watercolor pencils 2.) Sepia Photo 3.) *EP Stained Glass. - (*added since original post...this technique is called Embossed Reinker Spread Technique) originated by Crystal it...thanks Crystal (Patty says Crystal does not have a blog yet...I'll let you know when I see she does...)

They will receive approx. $25.00 in product when they come to class.

If you want me to send you more information about class, make sure to send me your email so I can add you to the list. 

I learned these techniques from fellow Stampin' Up! Demonstrators Nikki Fairbairn, Jan Tink, and *Patty Bennett - thanks girls for sharing these great techniques.

So ya'll (how does that sound - kinda boonie-ish?) must think I live at the zoo.  A few of you can't wait to see what critter will be on here next...well I'll be darned if when I took Toby out tonight for his final wizz, I looked down and seen this big brute, I quickly scooped up Toby, ran into the house (while I was on the phone too), and grabbed my camera.

DSCN8102 Look at him...thank goodness I already found my prince, cause I sure would not want to kiss this sucker. fact I didn't want Toby near him either, I think this is one of those nasty ones that secrete toxins or something if you pick it up, or a dog licks it. I mean look at him, he looks full of nasty stuff doesn't he?  He was huge too, I didn't want to get too close, but he was probably 5 or 6 inches long, blech...but I had to share.

Well I have a busy day tomorrow, and I keep forgetting to order Eric's graduation party food...I am a bad Mum.

Have a great Saturday, and thanks so much for stopping in!  Don't forget to scroll down and answer my question in the comment section.  Only oA digibbs siggyne entry per day ok?

Victopia or Bust

So about a month ago I made a surprise trip to Canada, only a few people knew I was going so that I could show up at Victopia and surprise Vicki and everyone else.  Last November, Vicki and I were trying to figure out how to get me home to surprise my sister Jacqui and the times and flights were not good, so Jacqui and I turned the tables on Vicki and surprised her.  I think I told the whole story in an earlier post, it was a blast and I had the time of my life. Vicki was totally surprised and almost peed her pants when I came up the stairs at her house, I wish we had of videotaped her, but then she would have known something was up.

While I was waiting in the Phoenix airport to board my plane, a family came to sit down beside me, I scooted over a seat so they could all sit together, so then I got chatting with the Dad.  He was telling me where they lived and all that, he was a little hard to and my deaf ears and his accent, but I got most of it.  He offered me a stick of gum, and I had just spit mine out a bit before, so I said no thanks.  About 5 minutes later, his son opens up this humongous bag of home made cookies, and the Dad takes one, and then the Dad offered me one, and I said "no thanks", well he got a sad kinda look on his face like maybe I had offended him, so I didn't want to hurt his most of you that are constant readers know I have a well...umm...germafobe...freaky thing going on. So I stuck my hand in and took a cookie, they were really cold like they just came out of the fridge.  I took a bite (the whole time they have cats? and if they do, do they climb all over the kitchen counters? did they scratch their bum while they were cooking? If they did, did they wash their hands after they scratched their bum? Did the milk sit on the counter one day after breakfast and got warm before someone noticed and put it back in the fridge?) You know, normal things that go through your head when a complete stranger offers you a homemade cookie out of a humongous bag....So anyway, I am chewing away, and the cookie was pretty good actually, so then the Dad says "They are made with dates and nuts inside.  Dates never go bad or get old, flies can get on the dates and (I swear he said ears heard poop) and they still don't go bad, they are disease resistant. Now I am thinking as I put the remainder of my cookie in my mouth, thinking was that a little bit of fly poop I just ate? I was also thinking, if I die from fly poop poisoning will Jeff re-marry right away? or will he be so sad he does not get out of bed for a month? What about Eric, he will be graduating and I will miss it...and little Toby, I was going to miss my family so much...but I survived, not even a belly ache, not even the dreaded diarhea twinge.  When I told Sharon the story, she said I should have said "I have a nut allergy". Why can't I think that fast? From now on whenever I don't want to do something, my response will be "I have a nut allergy".

So while I was home, I think Kristi (she owns Hanna Stamps!) ate the best out of all of us, and I mean the healthiest, I was eating chocolate bars, chips, and face pullers.  Anyway, Kristi had this purse that I swear was magical, I never saw her put anything in it, but yet, she was constantly pulling food out of it, health bars, apples, you name it, she would reach in, and there was an apple, she would say "there are more in there if you want one" I was scared to look inside, I mean it was magical, what if I stuck my hand in and fell in.

So (I think I use the word so too much), anywhooo while we were traveling to Vicki's my sister had the whole trip planned, we were gonna hit all these different stores to break up the day. Here we are in front of one store, (this one was when we were with Vicki) that really should have a sale once in a while, this store was so full of stuff, you could not find anything.

IMG00106 Me, Kristi and her magic purse, Tami, Donna, my little sister Jacqui, and Kim

Vicki was taking the picture.

P1010728 copy Here is the rest of the girls from the weekend, some stayed the night and some went home and came back the next day.

Donna, Kim, Jacqui, Vicki, Kristi, Andreanne, Tami, Me and Darlene

IMGP5504 copy While we were there, Kristi asked if we would each make a birthday card for her hubby Mark, and we said sure.  Well of course I was not at home, so I used what I had, and now I don't remember what all I used, cause some stuff was Jacqui's, and Vicki's.

I do know that the stamp is by the Greeting Farm and it is Cowboy Ian. I colored with Copics.

I am gonna hit the hay, morning comes early.  It was an overcast day today and it rained off and on I could actually open the door and windows for a while today. By night the a/c is back on though.

Have a great Friday and thanks for stopping in!

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