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Hey Mac...

...adamia nut?  Holy Moly... I think I am nuttier then ever after getting back from Hawaii...could it be from eating macadamia nuts all the time...I mean I think I even had macadamia nut covered macadamia nuts. Ha!  They are good, and we did bring some home, I should probably check the fat content, although I think I lost weight on this trip.  Usually the Stampin' Up! incentive trips are cruises, and anyone that has been on a cruise before know you basically eat all the time...ya get bored...let's go eat...ya wanna go visit with a friend...let's do it up on the lido deck and eat ice cream. Hawaii was different, we were given $X.00 from Stampin' Up! as a perdiem that would cover breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It worked for us as we just shared food, and we didnt go to expensive restaurants. (only one night we did) and also there was a great market down from the resort and you could get sandwiches and everything, plus Stampin' Up! had a great welcome buffet for us the first night, another buffet breakfast for us the first morning, and a beautiful luau dinner the last night, so we just had to feed ourselves the rest of the time.  We totally did not starve, and we walked so much.  The resort was called Hilton Waikoloa Village and just looking back at the website and my photos puts a smile on my face.  When we got there on the shuttle the lady said that they fondly call it Hilton Walk-alotta, but after a day I called it Hilton Out-a-Shape-a, cause this old woman had a few aches. 

Stampin' Up! provided buses to Kona one day for shopping, where we promptly found the drug store (I dont know how many miles it was) as I left my hearing aid batteries on the counter at home...oops! We also bought our souveniers to get that done. They also provided us with buses to the beach the next day, and that was so nice of them.  The rest of the time we did nothing, we just vacationed, enjoyed ourselves and relaxed. We did not plan any excursions or anything.  The resort is on the ocean, but not where you had access to a beach, they had a great lagoon where we snorkled and took some under water pics, and there were tons of pools too.

The day we went to the beach we actually came across some sea turtles, and I am hoping those pictures turn out, as soon as we get them developed I will scan them in.

Here are a few pics from our trip, I don't have any stamping make n takes to share with you, I need to check rules on if I can show you or not.  We saw some fun new things at our morning session but Stampin' Up! does not want us spoiling the fun for anyone and telling up-coming things so till I find out, I won't post that, but I am not sure about the actual make n takes and stamp set we got if I can share that.  

DSCN7265 copy Here we are after we got lei'd before we got on the shuttle to the resort. 

When we got off the plane we assumed we would get leid right away, and we were like "where's our lei? where's our lei?"

But we got it right before we got on the shuttle.

DSCN7268 copy Here is our room, well half of it, the other side had a desk and a tv, and then we had a big closet and bathroom.

These rooms were much bigger then the cruise ship cabins we have had in the past, we had a balcony and our room was an ocean view room.

Our bed was a king and I see the Gibbs' household getting one in the future, we had one many years ago when we were first married and then we changed to a queen about 15 years ago..now that our bodies have gotten broader I think the bed should too...ha!

DSCN7271 copy Here is the view off our balcony, nice huh? You can see the lava stuff, it is hard like rock or Jeff was comparing it to metal.

From a distance, it looked almost like turned soil like a tractor did it, but it is hard hard hard.

DSCN7276 copy Here is the sun setting our first night.  Stampin' Up! had a get together the first night with horse derves and drinks so we got to catch up with old friends we don't see but a few times a year, it was so peaceful and we got to visit briefly with Jerry Day and his wife when they came by our table, he used to be the President of Stampin' Up! and it is always nice to see him. He is a good hugger. They have kids in the Queen Creek area and the Gilbert area so we kidded for him to stop by when they are in town.

Shelli stopped by too and we got to give her a hug and thank her for the trip.

DSCN7278 copy Here is where my BFF Tracy and her hubby Steve would have been sitting if they were there.

Next year right Tracy?

Well I am hitting the hay, I have lots to do tomorrow, a baby shower, some stamping, definitely laundry, cleaning, perhaps a nap thrown in.

I want to thank everyone that has emailed me orders for the No Tax, No Shipping special. Today is the last day for that, so holler if you are still interested.  I will be contacting everyone to complete your orders.

Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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