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You Put the Lime in the Coconut and...

...Watch out for the Lamp!!!! Oops!!!

A few emailed me and said what's the story that Jacqui hinted before Jacqui tells her's mine.

One time years ago, and I mean years cause we still lived in Strathroy so that had to be like 80 or 81. Mum bought a coconut, and I can't even remember if Mum was there when this happened or if she was at work...seems we were always getting into trouble when Mum was at work...  We wanted some coconut and I think we tried different ways to open it, but then I got out the hammer (Jacqui has a better memory and can fix anything that I have wrong...perhaps on her blog when she realizes the story is over here). So I hung onto the coconut and raised the hammer to crack open the coconut but instead I smashed the heck out of the lamp above the table, glass went everywhere, and scared the crap out of me I do remember that...oh and did I mention we were renting?...the house, NOT the coconut...  Hmmmm...see that is not that exciting now that I told it...hmm...I'll have to do better next time.  There was the time we got lost in the corn field, or we got stuck in Andy and Marion's garden in our rubber boots, or when I was throwing onions at Jacqui and the dog bit my butt....good times, I tell ya, good times!

So how about a fun scrapbook page, I did this one for my displays at Leadership, the beautiul little girl is Tatum, she is the daughter of a girlfriend of mine...thanks Karen for letting me post these.

DSCN6423 copy Stamp Set: Friends 24-7

Paper: Basic Black, Whisper White, Bella Birds DSP, Pink Pirouette

Misc: Paper Piercer, Black Marker

I love these pictures with Tatum and the Lassie dog, I know the name is not Lassie, but to me those dogs will always be Lassie...what's that Lassie? you found some lime in your coconut...egads!!!

I hope you enjoyed the cheesy story and the pretty page.

Oh and so I read the lyrics to that Lime and the Coconut song...I think they put more then lime in their coconut when they was writing that little ditty...I guess someone needs to make me understand what the heck it is about...

Have a great Tuesday, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Thinking Outside of the Branch...

...okay another title that makes no sense...sometimes they come to me, sometimes...well...they don't!

Basically I just want you to look at your stamp sets a little differently, turn them around, upside down and sideways.  Like I told the girls at my workshop this week when I was using the Branch Out set, turning the tree on its side makes it a branch instead of a tree, and this is what I did here.

DSCN7115 copy Stamp Set: Branch Out, Owl Together Now

Paper: Chocolate Chip, Kiwi Kiss, Whisper White, Good Morning Sunshine DSP (yeah try not hearing that song in your head now...)

Ink: Close to Cocoa, Kiwi Kiss

Misc: Nestabilities, some fun Sandylion stickers (eek! stickers)

I wanted to do a quick card, and I had these stickers for a while now that I got from my friend Cindy and I was going to use them with the branches from Owl Together Now, and I thought I would try it with this set, and I think it turned out pretty good..and way fast too. I have more of them so I still want to make a card with the other branches, cause those other ones can be colored in.

DSCN7116 copy They are cute though huh?

I love their googly eyes, and that is what I have felt like today, I took cold pills when I went to bed last night and I swear all day I have been light headed and ditzy...more then usual.

So this card was perfect for me...ha!

I hope you think its cute and you get out your stamps and look at them differently.

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Curious Button Card

So the other day at my workshop I told you we did the quilt card, that is what the girls did as their make n take, and I so want to do more of those, so much fun, and they can be any color.  In fact...shhh.....I brought back a bunch of catalogs from CHA, (they hand them out - I didn't steal them) but they have like designer papers in them, just photos of them, not the real thing...what is stopping me from punching those out and using them? Of course there wont be any repeats and the colors will have to match or coordinate, but I am going to try it. I mean that would certainly be being "green" right and not just tossing the books out after looking at them.  What might stop me is "time" right now, but some day, I am gonna do it.

So I also demoed a couple cards for the girls, one was a card from the Just Buzzin' class, I showed them the trick on how not to have to cut out the tiny little bee legs when you are using that set - you can read that here . The other card was this one, and it was inspired by this card by geobeck.  I changed it just a tad and here it is:

DSCN7079 copy Stamp Set: Branch Out 

Paper: Riding Hood Red, Whisper White, Basic Black, Rockabilly DSP

Ink: Close to Cocoa, Kiwi Kiss, Riding Hood Red, Jetblack Stazon

Misc: Corduroy buttons, 3/4 inch circle punch



DSCN7080 copy Pardon? Hmm...?  My bottom, well yes it has gotten a little wider of late so nice of you to notice, but....oh...what's that?  You said bUttoN... Sorry I couldn't hear you over the fan motor running on my new power supply in the computer...ha!

Is that a button? Yep!

It looks kinda like a fancy button off a pillow, or a chesterfield...remember that word? Did anyone remember a couch being called a chesterfield? Or was that something us Canadians said? Like Freshie instead of Kool-aid, or Serviette instead of Napkin, Hydro instead of Electricity...I could go on and fact feel free to add any to the comment section I may have forgotten...

Back to the button, let me show you how I did it.

DSCN7114 copy You need these two pieces, the button that looks like a button, and the button that is really a brad.

Now you are gonna open up the legs prongs in the back of the brad (note to my Demonstrator readers: decide what kinda crowd you have so you know what word to use). Nothing takes the excitement out of a Demonstration as the guests watch the Hostess remove the Demonstrator out of her house by her pants button I mean bottom...ha!!! Never happened to me, but my lips flap before my brains catch up sometimes and you never know...

DSCN7110 copy Then insert the prongs into the holes of the button - push it all the way in and make sure it is even in the front and then close the prongs in the back.

Then you have...

DSCN7111 copy ---this! Cute eh?

TIP: Mix and match the button colors and that is so cute too. It didnt work with the colors I had ordered for this particular card, so I did the same color.

OK my friends, I am getting off here and get back to work, I had my Just Buzzin' class today and it was fun to see everyone, a few faces I had not seen in quite a while too!

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

I Love Love Love My Sista!

So, how nice of my little sister Jacqui to take care of me while I was without my computer...I am back!!! Yahoo!!, I had to get a new power supply. It just didnt start the other morning, I pushed the little button many times and nuthin'. I had to take it in to the computer repair (of course the one by my house has closed down), so I had to go to one further away, so I walk up to the door with my computer tower in my arms, and of course the door is a pull door, and the guy behind the counter just looks at me, so I kick bump the bottom of the door gently with my shoe. He comes over and opens the door for me, and I said "gee that oughta be a push door" and he said they tried to make it one and can't and I was thinking, well then gee you best get your butt over to the door faster from now on when you see someone walking around with a computer, I mean what did he think I was doing, taking my computer to the Block Buster video next door?  Here little computer YOU pick out the movie YOU want to play.  I didnt say it out loud, but I was not in a good mood, I had a super day the day before, my workshop was such fun, and no head ache that night, and just an overall good day, went to bed with a smile and Toby even slept all night with us cuddled beside precious!   So waking up to a dead computer didn't start out my day very well.  Then they were saying 3-4 days and if I wanted to pay an extra $100.00 they would move me to the front of the line...I said no thanks.  They said it could be the mother board or the power supply and the computer Gods were smiling on me and it was the latter which was cheaper, and faster.  I do have to run it back next week, the DVD player thing wont come out and they said they may have forgot to plug it in, and the fan is so loud. But the box they gave me that the thing came out of says "super silent" - hmmm....I guess when I take my hearing aids out and have a "quiet day" (I do that from time to time) then the fan may be super silent, but right now...nope its pretty loud, and it runs constantly. 

 I wanted to let you see what Jacqui was gonna post for today, I got a chuckle out of it when I seen it. She kept saying she would post a picture or tell a story...little does she know since I am older I have MORE pictures and MORE stories, so she was wise to be good...ha!

Anyway, here was her post:

Obviously Diana's computer is not working yet. So I am posting another card for her. If I was evil, I would tell y'all that I made this awesome card....but I cannot tell a lie!! This is another card that she had prepared and ready for a future post. She is so on the ball!!!

Love love love She will update the recipe when she gets back online.

Chow for now,



Such a sweet thing she is, but I remember this one time when we were kids...ha! Better save that story for another time...

OK, so this is the post that was gonna happen, the other day.

The frame that I did was for my Leadership stamping, we had to do so many 3-d items, and I must say that I liked the frame best out of all the things I did.  I had submitted a pic of it to a magazine and never heard back so hey lucky you, you get to see it...two days in a row...ha!

Display leadership 09 24 Stamp Set: Friends 24-7

Paper: Whisper White, Bella Birds DSP

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, So Saffron, Creamy Caramel, Kiwi Kiss(I think-I am going by the picture) bordering blue.

Misc: frame I got at the dollar spot at Target

I really want to re-make this for myself, cause I wish I had of taken the picture better so you can see, cause the bird looks so real, like he is sitting in there, cause I popped him out, you can kinda see the shadow.  I love this bird.  If I redo it, I may use a different set for the trees he is in, since I can use anything and not have to stick with the set like I did before, maybe Branch Out...hmmmm....I will have to play around when I got time...time? what the heck is that?  Ha!

Jacqui had to snag the card from my pre-post above so I don't know if you can see it big so here it is again with the recipe (sorry for the repetition)

Display sample 16 Stamp Set: Ever After

Paper: Kiwi Kiss, Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Pie, So Saffron, Hawaii Papaya DSP, Whisper White

Ink: Kiwi Kiss, Pumkin Pie, Chocolate Chip, Basic Black marker for doodling

Misc: Chit Chat rubons, word window punch, scallop square punch, vanilla brads, kiwi striped ribbon, ticket corner punch

Hopefully you got to know my sister a tad (even more if you clicked on over to her blog), my hubby came home from work today and said "your blog was boring today" and I said Jacqui was helping me out and we did it quick, and he said he understood but I guess I should be happy that my hubby thinks I am not boring.  I told him that Jacqui was gonna say stuff, and he said "yeah she should have told a story about you when you were young"...they are in kahoots I tell ya....that reminds me I better change my password...ha! only kidding Jax! Thanks for helping me...I owe ya!

Well I am hitting the hay, I got my Just Buzzin' class in the a.m.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Love this Bird with a Capital "L"

Hi Everybody, this is Diana's sister Jacqui filling in for Diana while her computer is in the shop. She is updating you with her twitter. They have said that it could be a couple of days before she gets her computer back. I have gone in and turned off the comments section for her blog candy. She will pick a winner when she gets her computer back.

Luckily she had stuck a couple of cards in here for future posts for your viewing enjoyment. She will go in later and update the posts with all the recipes.

Display leadership 09 24 Thanks for stopping in.
Keep your fingers crossed it's a quick cheap fix for the computer!!

Chow for now,

Diana's little sis,