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You Want It? CHA Got It!!!

How's them play on words?  So I am back! I am a leetle tired, but I am back, and I had so much fun at CHA... it was like eye candy for the crafters soul!!!  Thank goodness I was not able to buy anything.  I did bring home some goodies though that I will show you later.  I was not able to post while I was gone cause I don't have me one of them fancy dancy lappy top computers so I am now gonna play ketchup!

Gosh even my hubby said "gee your blog has been boring the last few days...no stories!" and I am like well no kidding I posted that before hand...looks like I might have to get a laptop (not the same as a muffin-top -wink!wink!snort! - to all the CHA girls)...but stories?  hmm....what happens at CHA stays at CHA right? ha!

So anyway, I came home to lots of snail mail, emails, and waggin' puppy dog tails, and hubby's smooches, and Eric's I miss you's.  It's good to be loved eh?

So I will post a few pics, I met some famous people in my eyes, see if you recognize them.  I have to get pics off other people's cameras so pictures will come periodically later. So I will post booth things another day, today is face pictures.....in no particular order...

Vicki and di

Vicki Garrett and I at Kristi's surprise birthday dinner.

Vicki is my sisters best friend and we have never met till CHA! I love her and I see why my sister loves her so much, Vicki kept saying "you are just like Jacqui" as I ate my french fry like a gerbil.

I miss Vicki already!

Kristi and di Kristi Ferro (owner of Hanna Stamps!) and I at the Hanna Stamps! booth. This was so much fun it reminded me of my Home Show and Carnie days...

I had never met Kristi before, only talked on the phone and email. She is the best hugger ever and such a sweetie, I love this woman.

Kristi's BD dinner Here is a table shot of the gang at Kristi's birthday dinner.

Adela, Beth, Kendra, Kristi, Vicki, me and Jeanne

Jeanne and di Jeanne Streiff and I - you all know her as the infamous JeanneS on splitcoaststampers. So down to earth, and so like me, cause what you see is what you get, as we wore our blue jeans every day..dark ones for good, faded ones for fun...ha! Jeanne even gave us a private Copic lesson in Kristi's room, she said we are now certifiable, but I don't think it has anything to do with the markers. Ha!

Our craft lounge group shot This is a group shot of a few of us in the Our Craft Lounge booth, you should have seen it...well ya kinda are there it is. It was all pink and fluffy, and these girls have the sweetest packaging on their adorable sets.

Heather, me being hugged by the sweetest who does not know she is a rock star Cami, my bud Cindy, and Kendra

DSCN6908 Here are Cami's other Our Craft Lounge business partners/friends - Kimberly, me and Joy - aren't they adorable?

Debbie and di I also met Debbie Olson, and she even taught me a make n take too. She was so nice, and then I say that and think well did I think she would not be nice...whatever, she was more then nice, she was super nice. It was so much fun talking to her, and she even popped out of her booth to take a picture with me.

I will post the little purse she taught me at a later date.

Anna and di I also ran into Anna Wight at the Hanna Stamps! booth, in fact Anna came up to me and recognized me, (insert a bit of head swelling...it has gone down now though..ha!) I guess my Whipper Snapper cow udder card I did a while back was memorable..hee!hee! I guess there could be worse things to be remembered for...heck Anna laughed when I mentioned Tiny Tim her little coat wearin' rooster!

Upstaged by cow udders and roosters...ha!

Lisa and di Speaking of Whipper Snapper, Anna was with Lisa Bryson, who owns Whipper Snapper, so I got to meet her as well, that is how I realized they saw the udder card, as that is how Anna introduced me to Lisa.

Lisa even scooched down a bit to be more my height for the photo, cause I am not this tall, how sweet eh? 

OMG! So Eclectic Paperie had a dinner at a Tortilla restaurant and there were so many people there (Tim Holtz was even there, but I did not go over to him, I mean he was eating and all that) and it was so much fun.  I did not take any pictures, but will look around here and there in case someone else did.  I did get to meet the Unity Stamp Company "family" and they are such a fun group. Not a bad lookin' person in the whole bunch. 

Unity Their booth was so earthy feeling and I just had to take a picture, this shows Jeanne (she is on their DT) with the rest of the girls, I mean these gals could be models if they were not stamp company owners, designers extraordinaires! Look at them in their matching t-shirts and vests.

Jeanne, AJ, Brooke (my switched at birth little sister - she got all the looks), Angela (she and her hubby own the company), Eryn, and Maren

Splitcoast Stampers had a Cupcake party the first night we were there and I met oodles of people, Jenn Balcer (her photos don't do her justice in how beautiful she is), I met Daven, what a sweet guy, I met Taylor from Taylored Expressions, and later on I met her sweetie peetie Mum Linda (my Mum's name is Linda too so that was easy to remember) oh I met so many, here are a few pics:

Beth, val and di  Beth, Val & I, it was so fun when I met Val cause she said "I read your blog" and I was like hey I read hers too, and it was funny to meet people and some looked just like their avatar, like Val you knew who she was right away.

I will go back in here later and add links and things, I want to just get you all some pics to look at but I have to hit the sack early tonight. Back to normal life tomorrow. No more schmoozing with the stars!

So speaking of the stars..remember that famous video?  "Inside Scrapbooking" with Molly McGann's trip to Scrapapalooza? Well I finally met the man behind Molly....

Russ and di ...Russ, and oh my gosh he had us laughing so hard...even when we got lost when Russ was driving us back to our hotel and we were on a darkly lit street and he said welcome to your murder, we were still laughing...

This was our PCP dinner night out, and if you ever get a chance to go to Roy's Hawaiin Fusion, you gotta go, it was delicious.  I hope that they have one in Hawaii when we go on the Stampin' Up! incentive trip.

Here is some fun pictures from that night, I have to get some from other girls as there were more, Russ was Charlie to our Angels but I don't have that picture on my camera.

N1422241111_30165124_1296 Here's the Molly Stamps Crew: well at least the ones that came to CHA.

Susanna, Adela, Russ and I, we were all trying to sit on Russ' knee, but he has to eat more, the poor guy!

Although when he sat on my lap he was heavier then he looked!

Pcp gals Here is the PCP gals, the fortunate ones that came to CHA, the poor girls that did not go, had a I think they called it a Pity Pouting Party or something like that...hear the violins in the background playing that sad sad music?

Pcp dinner Here is the whole group of us at the table. Great friends, great food, great fun, and hic! great Island Margaritas...heck we weren't driving...sure I'll have another!!!...clock wise:

Me, Cindy, Kristi, Susanna, Adela, Lynn, Russ, Beth and Vicki

As I come across more pics I will post more, but that should keep you busy looking for a bit, right?

I had a blast and am so glad I went.  Have a great Friday and thank you so much for stopping in!

Hugs, Di