Happy Birthday Jacqui!
No Fuss, No Muss!

Walk the Plank...

...well how about walk the treadmill? That is my goal, you have heard me before, and this time I am sticking to it. I am not staying up late every night and then dragging my butt out of bed in the morning, even though I work better at night I think cause the house is quiet, no phone ringing, no one jabbering at me, unless it is the tv and that does not count as you don't have to talk back.

So as well as keeping my stamp room tidy for a 2009 goal, I am back to getting up early and getting on the treadmill BEFORE I enter my Bermuda Triangle of a Stamp Studio, cause I swear, and my family will swear too, mostly it sounds like this "oh for the %#& she did not do the #!@& dishes again, and if I have to wear the same blasted underwear for another day, I'll be %^#*!" that kinda swearing. I get in here and time just totally disappears.....So, and you have to get on me about this, I want someone at least every day, to email me and say "did you walk?" "did you get off your widening butt and use the treadmill today?" I  mean it.  I may scream at the computer, and stomp my feet and say " NO I did not, but here I go....I was only checking my email for the 100th time!!!" but you wont hear me yelling so it is ok.  So starting tonight, I am going to bed at a half decent time and I have already set the alarm to go off at 6:30, and if I need to set it earlier I will. I think getting up at 6:30 is a good early time...don't you?

So last night I did this cute card, I think I finished it at midnight...tsk! tsk!  This is another of the stamp sets I got from Pink Poison but they are changing their name to The Greeting Farm in January.  I kinda like the Pink Poison name but hey their stamps are cute no matter what they call the company.  As most of you know I love to sit and color so they are just SO MUCH FUN!  I used my Copics for this one and I must say I get a bit better each time I use them, maybe not better, but more comfortable is a better word...I do have to get all the colors figured out though. My little monkeys looked better before I got messing with them and then I could not get them back to their orignal color, so they ended up like this. Gosh I think they are monkeys...I love the one is eating pizza, what the heck is up with that? Maybe he just came from Peter Piper Pirate Pizza! Ha! Maybe he is the problem child that must have his hands kept busy, otherwise they are in his nose, picking his butt, reaching for stuff off the store shelves....uh!uh! I remember those days...

DSCN6640 copy Stamp Set: Best Mates (The Greeting Farm)

Paper: Pixie Pink, Basic Black, Pink Pirouette (Stampin' Up!), Rusty Pickle's Elizabeth Swan Background Paper (Hanna Stamps!), 80# Luxury Cardstock (Gina K Designs)

Ink: Memento Tuxedo (7 Kids College), Copics (Hanna Stamps!)

Misc: Paper Piercer, White gel pen (Stampin' Up!), Black Dewdrops (Hanna Stamps!)

All you girls that have been commenting for my blog candy keep it up, I am so enjoying reading your comments, and I totally want to see pics of your rooms and organization ideas when you get them done.  If you go to Paper Craft Planet, you can upload them and tag them   pcpstampingspaces   and I will add them to the album over there so you can inspire people...you can do it!

Well I am getting off here for now, my new little Riley is all colored up and begging or maybe sweating (that is a little hint) to be made into a card....you will have to wait to see it till the Hanna Stamps! sneak peek week starting Monday the 5th.

Have a fine Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di