Da BFF Tracy's Triangle Pouch Tutorial
Love my Blog..is that bad to say?

Love the "Look" of Snow!

...but that is it! I don't want to touch it, shovel it, taste it (especially if it is yeller colored - although I must admit growing up we did make vanilla snow icecream - with white snow though!!!!), drive through it, ok, maybe walk in it cause I love the crunchy sound...OMG! do you ever have like a favorite sound, or smell or whatever? One sound I love is the sound of tires on gravel, it takes me back to being a kid, and Poppa would be driving and I would hear the gravel crunching under the tires and I would try so hard to make that noise with my bike tires cause I would be pretending like I was all grown up and driving...now for all I know maybe I was making that noise and just could not hear it, cause I did not get hearing aids till right before my son was born...hmmmm....so anyway I love to open the window as I drive in our lane (not every time cause the desert dust will choke ya) and listen to the crunching gravel under my tires and smile...cause I'm all grown up and driving....well I'm driving anyway!!

OK ramblings of snow turn to gravel when I just wanted to show off this awesome swap card I got from my BFF Tracy.Aint it beautiful? And I love how she cut out the little tobaggon and put it on the bottom.Tracy's Swap Card 001 copy

I was all set to make my own card with this set cause I just got it!  I won this set for free. Stampin' Up! had a recruiting contest and the top 100 demonstrators who had the most online recruits got to pick a set for free.  Tracy won too, I don't know what set she picked cause obviously she already had this one!!!!

Oh and to all my friends that have told me to do the USPS online thing and the mailman will pick up the package....well ya don't know my mailman. I could do the USPS thing online for postage (cause the lady at the PO told me that yesterday) but when I want to guarantee things get to the PO I aint waitin' on no mailman to come get the packages.

In fact you know how I told you that they would not let me have the boxes I had to order them on-line, when they came, they even put a pink slip in my box, cause I had to go pick them up at the PO.  Yeah, uhuh...that's right. But what is funny is it came in two mailings, so as my hubby raced to the PO at 1:45 to get them on Saturday cause they closed at 2:00, a knock comes to my door and a PO man was standing there with some too. He said "oh whenever you get a pinkslip just call and we will re-deliver" well in my opinion they may say that, but ummmm...it don't always happen.  So i just loaded all those calendar kit boxes in one big SU! box, and made it safe and sound, although I will never understand why at the PO the door is a PULL door on the outside, and when your arms are full the only thing I am pulling is a toe cramp while I try to open the door with my foot in order to get in...what can't the door push and pull? I know they make em!

I did buy extra postage so the last few I can take to the new UPS store which is closer, and the awesome lady that owns it handles all that for me she said when I asked her one day, and it wont cost me extra if I already have the postage on them. Excellent.

Well I am hitting the hay, I got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, and want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed...

Thanks so much for stopping in!

Hugs, Di