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Box in a Bag - Revisited

So this little bag has been all over the internet, it makes an old girl proud ya'll liked it so much. Heck, it even won a contest at Stampin' Up!, unfortunately for me someone else sent it in...ha!  I played around with some new paper, and made a couple new ones. I also made a shabby chic feminine one but I submitted that to a magazine, so I don't want to put that on here....just in case.

Spooky Box in a Bag 002 copy 

But these two turned out so cute, and with Halloween just around the corner, you have time to make a couple.  This bag is the regular size that I did on the original Box in a Bag Tutorial although now with our handy dandy scallop punch I used it instead of the slit punch. 

Spooky Box in a Bag 003 copy 

But for this taller bag I just increased the Designer Paper to 9" tall instead.

But the rest is the same as the tutorial.

I am so loving the Ghostly Greetings Designer Series Paper.

So I have the TV on in the background and the show "Wife Swap" is on, and I am thinking...where do they find these freaks? I thought I was a freak, there is a lady on there that all she does is scream...OMG!

I am posting Saturdays post a little early tonight (I do my posts at night for the next day) so I can get some work done.  Oh speaking of posts, I had someone un-subscribe today, their reason was cause I have too many updates...I thought hmmmm....posting once a day is too many updates? If anyone else feels that way, let me know....I can totally only post once a week, if you're sick of listening to me!

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Hugs, Di