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October 2008

Crazy for Cupcakes

It seems like I had no stamp sets with cupcakes and now I have a bakers dozen! Ha!

Crazy for cupcakes I was looking around on Splitcoaststampers and saw a cute card by  passionflower so this is my version of it.

This is just one of the stamp sets that are on sale for October for the Stampin' Up! 20th Anniversary/Birthday Celebration, but you only have till today to get it on sale. You can order online any time, just click on my link to the left and it will take you to my Stampin' Up! website where you can get what you need.

Stamp Set: Crazy for Cupcakes, Think Happy Thoughts

Paper: Whisper White Chocolate Chip, Watercolor Paper, Pumpkin Pie, Bella Rose Designer Series paper, Hawaii Papaya Designer Series paper

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Baja Breeze, Creamy Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Kiwi Kiss, Pumpkin Pie, Real Red

Misc: White Tafetta Ribbon, 1 1/4" circle punch, circle nestabilities, white gel pen

So today I was also playing with some new sets from Hanna Stamps! for the November Sneak Peek, you are gonna love them! Stay tuned for the week of November 3rd. to see more!

Have a great Friday, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Love my that bad to say?

I must say that before I started my blog I was like, where will I find the time? what would I say? who would want to read anything I have to say?  Well you my friends surprise me every day, when I check my stats, and the numbers go up, up, up, when I read my comments, or my email, and see that hey people are reading it, and I have met so many fun people through my blog, that I am totally loving doing it.

Look at this fun email I got the other day from Michelle Barnett, a fellow Stampin' Up! Demonstrator from Rock Hill, SC.  I asked her if I could share this and she said yes....(thanks Michelle and big hugs to you and Hilda) Michelle says: "I recently visited your blog and saw that very cute picture of you.   I had to write and tell you that I too had/have a big walking doll.  Being the oldest; she was passed along to many others in the famly.   She was returned to me when my oldest granddaughter was about 2 (she's now 11).  My youngest granddaughter is now 3 and the doll frightens her so I keep her here at my house for my enjoyment.   Around the month of May, 2 years ago, my husband, the hunter, asked me to buy him a scarcrow for his tree stand.  He said if he placed it in the stand early in the year the deer would get used to having someone there all the time and he would be able to harvest a deer better.  Well, needless to say we couldn't find a scarecrow so we dressed my doll, whom he named "Hilda" in camoflauge and put her in the tree stand.  Unfortunely he broke his collar bone just 2 days before hunting season and wasn't allowed to hunt so she sat out there until this August when he and my 7 year old grandson went out to the hunt club and picked her up.  She's held up wonderfully, needs to be cleaned but other wise she's in great shape." Look at this fun picture she sent me. Isn't this the cutest? And I love that she shared this with me. Hilda_in_the_Stand copy 








So I thought well gee I better see how good my doll looks compared to Hilda...and well my poor girl stands in the guest closet all day and night (at least she is in the air conditioned house) so that she does not scare Toby. Walking doll in closet Other then she is covered in dust...gotta love Arizona!!!

But they could be sisters huh?












So I got out my new stamp set Home For Christmas and had some fun with it, I love this set, one thing other then buckets to color is, I love to color wood, and these rocks weren't bad to color either.

Home for Christmas full I also love this sketch, it was over at Splitcoaststampers a while ago, and I am so addicted to the little stiched squares, they make a card so much fun, and if you have pieces of designer paper laying around it is perfect for it. You kinda have to do a big card though or at least a square, and that is fine I am so getting into the odd shaped cards.

Stamp Set: Home for Christmas

Paper: Whisper White, Chocolate Chip, Holiday Happenings, Baja Breeze, Watercolor paper

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Creamy Caramel, Ruby Red, Baja Breeze, Close to Cocoa, Old Olive, Going Gray, Sahara Sand, Really Rust, Bordering Blue, So Saffron

Misc: Ribbon Originals, white gel pen, paper piercer and mat, Chit Chat rub-ons (it actually said Wishing you the best birthday ever - I think? and I just omitted what I didn't want. Love the rub-ons for that.

Home for Christmas close up I also cut out and popped the ribbon on the wreath, the snow on the stairs, the skis and the tobaggan ( I did not cut out the gliders or whatever they would be called - I just cut out the wood seat and the metal things that hold on the rope). The trick to getting the color on the tobaggan is to color it creamy caramel first like the wood color, then the red over it, that way it is like paint on wood, and you can see some of the wood color coming through. I love the felt ribbon from the new mini catalog, and lucky I never mail my cards, cause this puppy would be jamming all the machines at the Post office it is so high.

So my Toll Free number calls have slowed down, to only about 2 a day now, whenever there is one on the caller ID, I just pick up the phone and set it down till I hear the "beep,beep, beep" that they have hung far they have listened to Dancing with the Stars, and me doing the dishes and the dogs barking...don't know if it is working or not, but hey at least I'm not getting all those dang hang-ups on my answering machine.

Have a super Thursday, and thanks for stopping in!

Big hugs, Di


Love the "Look" of Snow!

...but that is it! I don't want to touch it, shovel it, taste it (especially if it is yeller colored - although I must admit growing up we did make vanilla snow icecream - with white snow though!!!!), drive through it, ok, maybe walk in it cause I love the crunchy sound...OMG! do you ever have like a favorite sound, or smell or whatever? One sound I love is the sound of tires on gravel, it takes me back to being a kid, and Poppa would be driving and I would hear the gravel crunching under the tires and I would try so hard to make that noise with my bike tires cause I would be pretending like I was all grown up and for all I know maybe I was making that noise and just could not hear it, cause I did not get hearing aids till right before my son was anyway I love to open the window as I drive in our lane (not every time cause the desert dust will choke ya) and listen to the crunching gravel under my tires and smile...cause I'm all grown up and driving....well I'm driving anyway!!

OK ramblings of snow turn to gravel when I just wanted to show off this awesome swap card I got from my BFF Tracy.Aint it beautiful? And I love how she cut out the little tobaggon and put it on the bottom.Tracy's Swap Card 001 copy

I was all set to make my own card with this set cause I just got it!  I won this set for free. Stampin' Up! had a recruiting contest and the top 100 demonstrators who had the most online recruits got to pick a set for free.  Tracy won too, I don't know what set she picked cause obviously she already had this one!!!!

Oh and to all my friends that have told me to do the USPS online thing and the mailman will pick up the package....well ya don't know my mailman. I could do the USPS thing online for postage (cause the lady at the PO told me that yesterday) but when I want to guarantee things get to the PO I aint waitin' on no mailman to come get the packages.

In fact you know how I told you that they would not let me have the boxes I had to order them on-line, when they came, they even put a pink slip in my box, cause I had to go pick them up at the PO.  Yeah, uhuh...that's right. But what is funny is it came in two mailings, so as my hubby raced to the PO at 1:45 to get them on Saturday cause they closed at 2:00, a knock comes to my door and a PO man was standing there with some too. He said "oh whenever you get a pinkslip just call and we will re-deliver" well in my opinion they may say that, but don't always happen.  So i just loaded all those calendar kit boxes in one big SU! box, and made it safe and sound, although I will never understand why at the PO the door is a PULL door on the outside, and when your arms are full the only thing I am pulling is a toe cramp while I try to open the door with my foot in order to get in...what can't the door push and pull? I know they make em!

I did buy extra postage so the last few I can take to the new UPS store which is closer, and the awesome lady that owns it handles all that for me she said when I asked her one day, and it wont cost me extra if I already have the postage on them. Excellent.

Well I am hitting the hay, I got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, and want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed...

Thanks so much for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Da BFF Tracy's Triangle Pouch Tutorial

On May 18, I showed this little triangle pouch, and several people have asked me how it was made. I actually learned how to make this fun little pouch from my BFF Tracy, and until she gets a blog, I'll just share all I learn from her with you....well those things that are stamping related...hee!hee! With the awesome Ski-Slope Designer Series Paper, and the Felt Flurries just screaming at me "use me! use me!" Well I could not resist, so here you go. Oh and forgive the horrible nails, it'll be a while for them to get to looking half decent since they have to grow out from years of artificial nails.

Supplies for Tracy Pouch copy Supplies needed: paper cutter, bone folder, scallop punch, sticky strip, mini glue dots, crop-a-dile, felt flurries, vanilla tafetta ribbon, jumbo eyelets, snail, pretties brads, designer series paper

Step 1 copy Cut your Designer Series paper to 7"x7", lay it on your grid sheet, and make a little pencil mark at 3 1/2" on one side.

(Note the original pouch was 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" and the pencil marks were 5" each side)

Step 2 copy Along the bottom, also make a mark at the 3 1/2"

Step 4 copy Lay the paper on your cutter, and make sure the little pencil marks are in the groove of the cutter, so you can score by connecting the pencil marks, please be careful and score lightly so you don't tear the designer series paper (dsp)

5 copy Now turn the paper so that the line you just scored is horizontal to the top of the cutter, now you want to score from the top point to the bottom point.

6 copy Now turn the paper slighty and score from the score line where the 3 1/2" mark is to the bottom point.

7 copy Turn the paper and repeat with the other side.

8 copy Now to make it easier for you to understand what the heck I am talking about here is a plain piece of paper marked where the score lines should be, it kinda looks like a kite.

9 copy Fold down the little point flap towards you.

10 copy Take a strip of DSP, (mine is 12" long, cause I just cut it off another pattern from the Ski-slope paper, and using your scallop punch, scallop the whole strip.

11 copy Ta! Da!

12 copy  Fold your little pointy thing flat so you can add snail on the backside.

13 copy Put snail adhesive on the backside of the little pointy piece, this will be where you are going to glue the scalloped strip


14 copy Lay the strip down on the table and lay the pointy piece with the snail on it over top the strip, lining up the little scallops so they are even and making sure the tip starts at a full scallop. You can trim it later, anything that hangs over.  Repeat with the other side.

16 copy This is what it will look like.

17 copy

This is what it looks like from the back.

18 copy Fold your little pointed piece back down, and it will crease the extra paper in the back.

19 copy Just trim this away in the back.

21 copy  Fold the little pointed piece back where it belongs, and using your crop-a-dile punch a hole with the big hole punch on each side of the flap, keeping in mind to leave room for your jumbo eyelets to go in.



22 copy This is what it will looks like.

23 copy Now add your jumbo eyelets and set.

24 copy Add some sticky strip to one side of the back of your pouch.

25 copy You dont want to go all the way to the tip, just go about this far.

26 copy Add sticky strip to the other side too, like this.

27 copy Fold the two pieces over each other and they will overlap a bit, this way it bows out and makes it like a pouch.

28 copy This is what it looks like looking down inside.

29 copy This is what it looks like from the front.

30 copy Cut some tafetta ribbon, you need 2 strips at 8" and 1 at 20".

31 copy Fold the 8" piece in half...

32 copy ... and stick each end inside the eyelet from the inside of the pouch.

34 copy Do it with each one on each side and it will look like this.

36 copy Now take the 20 inch piece and thread it through these loops, like this.

37 copy Tie the ends of the 20" piece together.

38 copy Now it looks like this from the front.

40 copy I want you to tie the ribbon ends coming through the front in a couple knots, this will hold the looped 20" piece into the inside to be used as the handle...believe me this will all start to make sense in 50 more steps.

41 copy Pull up the ribbon on the inside, pulling the ribbon so you have like two handles.

Now let's accessorize...


42 copy I put two different sized felt flurries together, and poked them with a push pin just so when I added the Pretty brad it did not tear the felt.

43 copy Add the pretty brad.

44 copy Attach the felt flurrie to the front of the flap with a mini glue dot.

45 copy Add some tissue paper and you're done.

I wanna see you do some of these with different papers, how bout hanging one on each persons chair at Thanksgiving.  Or how adorable will they be with Halloween paper as office gifties?

Thanks to Betty and Jane for making me do the tutorial.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di