Spring Loaded Card Tutorial
The Thunder Rolls...

What? Did I Read That Right?

Over 100K hits! Holy heck, it was just 98K yesterday, well ya know what that means BLOG CANDY!!!! But first I need to get it ready, so hang on a couple days ok?  I have my first order coming in tomorrow and I wanna give you some new stuff. So I am sure you can be patient...unlike me who would be "I want it NOW!" - yeah feel sorry for my hubby...he has to put up with me every day!

Download hat_box.pdf

Download take_out_box.pdf

OK, so I am hoping those work, my BFF Tracy, she is so smart, she said why don't you put the file for the take out box and the hat box in your blog, and I was like, can I do that, and then I thought well I won't know till I try. So I really hope this works, it will sure make it easier for you all to get the file too. So there ya go.....

Don't you love this card? This was a display card I did for Convention, and I'll let you in on a little secret, but don't tell anyone, it might have something to do with the BLOG CANDY!

Eastern blooms dry embossed

This is using the new stamp set Eastern Blooms and I did a little dry embossing too, the old fashioned way, with a light table, wax paper and embossing tool.

I have heard, but have not tried to emboss with our brass stencils on the new Big Shot!

I gotta try that out.



So back to the Spring Loaded Card tutorial, my new friend Elizabeth Green from Brampton, ON - and who brought Canadian candy - 2 boxes of Smarties and 2 bags of Smarties peanuts for me and my BFF Tracy to Convention, wasn't that the sweetest thing? And let me tell you...yum, yum, and doubly yum! So thank you so much again, Elizabeth, you are the sweetest, and you are a "Smartie" yourself, she suggested on the Spring Loaded Card, if you cut the springs shorter and don't mount them to the top of the card, but instead glue something on the end, so when the person opens the card, they spring up.  Fun huh? How about the All in the Family set and the people could be springing around in there.  I have not tried it, but it sounds cute! Thanks Elizabeth!

Also in regards to the Spring Loaded Card, I got a super nice email from Catherine Harwood, she is a demonstrator from Florida www.321stamp.comshe emailed me a beautiful card using this technique, and her and Marlayne that taught us how to do it, are great friends. So they have definitely rubbed off on each other.

Anyway, here is her beautiful card.Amazing-_inside_spiral   She also sent some awesome tips too:

- the new larger circle punch will be the right size -- she had to use the Coluzzle and then cut those for her hummingbird card.

- plan to cover the points where the ends of the spiral meet the base of the card with something -- a star in Marlayne's case, or a beer mug (that was a card from convention). Catherine  stamped and punched out flowers with Boho Blossom punch and stamped and cut out the small butterfly from Pretty Amazing and used that as well. It's a real inside WOW.

- A little tiny bit of Tombow goes a long way. You cannot have it leak out or your spirals will stick to themselves. Catherine glues just the bottom of the spiral to the inside bottom flap first, then add tiny dots to the pointed end where you started cutting, then just close the card and it positions itself. Then you open it and use TINY dots of Tombow multi to adhere your bird, star, mugs, etc. She squirted out tombow and applied with a toothpick for better control.

- Catherine said her hummingbird was one spiral and looks perfect for that image so experiment with one or two spirals.

I just want to say I love Stampin' Up! Demonstrators, where else would people in the same job help other people they don't even know.  Thanks Catherine, I really appreciate it and I know everyone else that reads this will too.

Oh and those of you that asked what was on the front of my Spring Loaded Card, I am embarrased to say nothing, I never did the front of the card, cause I was more interested in getting the tutorial done...so please forgive me!

Well I think that will do it for my blabbering tonight, my book No. 3 of the Twilight series is calling my name.

Thanks so much for stopping in, I really appreciate it.

Hugs, Di