Ride 'em Cowboy
Batman Schmatman!


So today Eric and I ran around doing a few errands, cause Jeff and I were going on a date tonight.  We went to see Batman at the IMAX theater. WOW now that is an experience, the whole theater shakes, and the screen is huge.  Shannon (Hey chickie) says we have to go see Twilight there when it comes out, but how crazy and busy will that be? Yikes.Halloween page for convention display copy

Speaking of Batman, look at Eric when he was little, he loved dressing up as Batman for Halloween, I can't believe he is going to be 20 in October, where has the time gone?

Excuse the scrapbook page, this was done a long long long time ago.

So anyway, I often think about what it would be like to have super powers, especially in the morning, and the alarm goes off WAY on the other side of the bed, and I wish I had Go-Go Gadget arms, or that Rubber Man from Fantastic 4. Cause I could stay on my side and then zip my arm would go over there and turn off the alarm. I mean how handy would that be?  I need to wake up Eric, there goes my head to his room to wake him up.  Or lets pretend, cause this never happens....right honey...ahem honey?.....Jeff forgets his cell phone, or locks his keys in his truck, zip off my hand goes to save the day....now I think would I have stretch marks when they came back?  If not how far would I want them to reach? To PA for a BFF Tracy hug when I need one?  Truthfully, I probably would use the rubber arms most for getting the dang tide cup from behind the washer where I keep dropping it, or the laundry that falls behind the freezer cause when Eric opens the lid up to get his ice cream, he does not care that there happens to be clothes on the top.

What other powers would be cool?  Well I think Bionic ears would be cool, since mine are faulty..so maybe just regular ears would be not too much to ask.

What about Bionic hands, just think how easy making swap cards would be with those!

So anyway, that's just a little visit into the mind of Diana... scary or a little like your own?

What super powers would you want, if you could have them?

Thanks for stopping in, have a great Sunday!

Hugs, Di (a.k.a. Rubber Woman)