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Can Ya Feel It?

That is a million people, ok maybe not quite a million, but that is a lot of people anxiously waiting for Noon Utah time to put in the very first order from the Fall-Winter catalog.

I am one of those people, my trigger enter key finger is itchy! So have you made up your wish list yet?

I wanted to say a quick note in regards to the little take out pattern in a past post, I had a few people ask me to email it to them, and that is great, but a few of you did not give me an email address, so if you want the pattern emailed to you, can you please email me directly? Sometimes typepad sends them to my email box and sometimes it does these three people, I don't have your email address to send it to ya....Kathy, Jenny Cain and InAZtoo - so please drop me an email, use the little link thing to the left.

  UPDATE! UPDATE! Please see blog entry Wednesday August 13, I have added the PDF files right into the blog, for your convenience.

Hat box

Same goes for the little hat box shown here, email me if you want this pattern too. I just print it on cardstock, score and cut as the pattern tells you to. I stamp it on the opposite side of the printed lines and fold the box inside out so you don't see the lines when you are done with it.  That is why the new Big Shot is going to be such a blast for classes and things, there are NO lines, and it is already scored for you. Makes me want to cry, I am so excited to be able to order more things for my machine tomorrow.

The other day I got the sweetest little gift from Sharon, homemade strawberry jam, and today Eric, Jeff and I pretty much ate the whole jar of it, and I think the rest of it is screaming my name right now for a snack before bed time.

Strawberry jam 004 copy

Doesn't it look delicious, and with a big glass of milk....ah! heavenly. Thanks so much Sharon, we love you!



Eric munching out


Look how much Eric is enjoying it, he had 4 pieces of toast!!!

I had to take the pictures quick cause I don't think he even chewed his!



So Jeff and I are all registered for the Stampin' Up! Hawaii trip March 09. I just have to wait to hear from the travel agency about flights and all that stuff, my girlfriend Teri who is one of my Demonstrators earned it too, and she registered while I was at convention and it looks like we take a red-eye to get home, cause I am assuming we will be on the same flight.  I can hardly wait. Jeff and I have never been to Hawaii and it will be our 25th Wedding Anniversary year when we go, so that will be fun.  I do know we have an Ocean View room, and I am thinking breakfast every morning viewing the ocean, sounds romantic eh?

Today I started pulling out all my stamp sets, and accessories for my sale next weekend. If there is anything in particular you are looking for, let me know.

I hope you have a great Monday, and ya get your new order placed at noon! I know I will be on there at 11:59 just waiting for the minute hand to switch over!

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di