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So Long Nice Soft Mattress Pad...

Fun Times

Today I went over to my girlfriend Rhonda's (hey hunny bunny) she is one of my up-lines.  I love being a Demonstrator because I have met so many people through these little rubber stamps, it is so un-real, friendships that will last forever.

Anyway, we needed to finish up the long distance packages for the Spring Fling we did in May.  I left on vacation right after it, and we have not had time to get together till today to get them done.  Thank goodness most people picked the "I wanna do it myself" long distance package, cause it takes some time to make multiples up, but we had a great time visiting and catching up.  She has 2 beautiful girls that keep her pretty busy with dance and the different other things they like to do, and now they are out of school so hopefully she will find some "Hammer Rhonda Time!" She has not seen "Sex and the City" yet, so we could not even chat about that....she also did not want to know anything about it....grrr......  Next time eh Rhon?

Well I think I have the old watermark figured out.  I mean it should be so simple and of course once I knew what I was doing (thanks Beth at Freckled Fun) I think I managed, and thanks Patty (who will remain last nameless - so no one else begs for your help) for making me up a watermark...that part I give up on figuring out.

So I wanted to post 2 cards today, since yesterday's tutorial took the place of a card. Cross your fingers I can do a Tutorial  every Tuesday...gotta find a catchy name for it though!


This is one of the 10/10/20 Birthday cards for class this weekend.  It is based on a card by veramats on Splitcoaststampers.  So cute and easy.

Here is another card for class. Using the candles from Older and Wiser, and the wheel from Spring Solitude.  I have two wheels so it will be easy for everyone to do one roll with Regal Rose and one with Apricot Appeal.

Of course, not realizing I am a black gingham ribbon, (excuse the french) whore, both these cards have that ribbon on them.  My girlfriend Karen Meinerz was nice enough to point that out to me one day...hey what are friends for right?

I guess when things become a habit you really don't even know you are doing them.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di