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Birthday Class

The Farmer in the Dell, I mean The Farmer in Parkhill!

Holy Moly!  Jeff grew up on a farm so he knows how much work it is, but ya kinda forget about it when you work inside all day, and 20 years or more have gone by.

Well Jeff got a taste about what farming is like again when we went home to visit my family, the first couple days we got there, him and my Dad put a applicator together piece by piecetrip to canada 08 009

Here he is covered in grease.  Too funny, I mean he loves this stuff. He said he really did have fun, and totally appreciates how hard my Dad works.







trip to canada 08 094

What the applicator looked like when they got it all built.








My Dad and Mum have a farm in Ontario and they have steers and sheetrip to canada 08 025p too.  My Dad also does custom work and crop shares or something like that with other farmers, so he had to plant beans one of the days, so Eric went with Grandpa in the big tractor over to Bert's farm.







trip to canada 08 026

Jeff followed behind on the other tractor pulling something else. I wish we lived closer so that Jeff could help Dad more often.

I think his tractor's sexy!





My Mum wanted me and my sister Jacqui to do a workshop together while we were home so that was the day we had it scheduled.

So we kinda wondered as the day went on if we should take the guys some food but Mum said Bert's wife would feed them, so then we went about our fun stamping ways and forgot about them.  So about 6:00 or so (heck it coulda been 8pm, it stays light till 9 there....geesh) anyway Eric comes walkin' in, face all covered in dirt, and he had fun he said, and went right to bed.  Jeff came in a little bit after, and I asked him if he had fun farming, and he just gave me the thumbs up, so then I said you want to move back here and take up farming? and again he gave me the thumbs up...well then I got to lookin' at him a little closer, and he had this stupid grin on his face and his eyes were a little bloodshot, and I said were you drinking beer all day? and again I got the thumbs up. Well what an ass, he and Bert sat on the porch all day and drank beer while Dad planted beans. Now granted there was nothing Jeff could have been doing to help, but still, I had to laugh, the bugger.

The day before we left Dad had the sheep sheerer guy come and sheer the sheep! OMG! Now that is a job I would not want.  Who woulda thunk mtrip to canada 08 072y cute light blue Stampin' Up! hoodie would ever have sheep pee and snot on it...yep! It did! I mean it is all washed off now, I washed it twice!!! but blech! I am so a city girl! 

So anyway Mum and Dad have this one ram and he will butt you if you are not careful, but really he is just a sweetheart and just wants his back scratched, and if you keep scratching it, he is fine...but stop and whammo!!! In fact too funny, he wags his tail like a danged dog when you do it. Here he is explaining to Jeff, that he wants his back rubbed. I think he is saying a little to the left, if you know what's good for ya!


trip to canada 08 073  So see how nice he is once you understand what he wants?  And OMG! most of them did not want to be sheered, but this ram just laid there and hardly fussed, so my job was to open the gate and let the sheered ones in and make sure they did not get out in between times. Well they all went in and could care less about me and the gate, but this ram would hang around that gate, and I would rub his back and he would wag his tail, then the next sheep would come in, a girl, and then she would pee and that stupid ram would be over there with his face in it, and then back over to me...hence the pee and snot on my hoodie.  I manned the gate for about 36 sheep and then I had to go in and get laundry done, and my back was killing me.  Eric totrip to canada 08 076ok over my spot.


Here is the sheep sheerer guy, I mean I could not even do one sheep let alone 54 of the things, and this was a slow day he my BFF Tracy's cutie patootie hubby says "eye-yi-yi"



trip to canada 08 087



Before sheering...






trip to canada 08 084



...and after!






We also went to see Granny a couple times, and she looks so good compared to when I saw her last year in the hospital.  We trip to canada 08 038hope that some day she will be able to move from the nursing home and into an apartment, but she needs to get much stronger. She still is very opinionated and strong willed, and that is great, I worry when she just lays there and does not fuss then that will not be good. She also has the memory of an elephant and that can be good and bad.







trip to canada 08 041cropped


Family picture outside of Nursing Home, it was great while we were home cause they had a family picnic while we were there so Granny got to see everyone.

Left to right:

Eric, Jeff, Me, Mum (Linda), Dad (Ed), Sister Courtney, almost Brother in Law when he buys that darned ring (Jason - aka Jay - real estate extraordinare), and my Sister Jacqui


We also went to my sisters new house in Woodstock, Jeff and Eric had never been there before. Mtrip to canada 08 016y other Dad (I have two) drove in to see us, and it was great to see him too.

Left to right: Me - wearing my pre-peed/snot SU! hoodie, Dad (Wayne), Sister Jacqui






While I was home, Jacqui and I went to a nursery, and OMG! I would have spent $500.00 or more there if I lived in Canada the plants were gorgeous!

The first one is a passion flower, trip to canada 08 017 I couldn't get over the little things in the center that almost looked like frogs legs.








trip to canada 08 018 This one is just a grouping they had in a hanging basket....oh I wish I could grow stuff like that in AZ!






Well that is all I have to share with you right now.  Hope you enjoy seeing some of the pics from my vacation, I know we had so much fun!

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di