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Birthday Class

I am sitting in my studio watching Last Comic Standing (some of these comics are pretty funny), in fact one year we saw the winner John Heffron at the Improv in Tempe about a year before he was on the show.  He was the opening act for a guy named Pablo (in fact Pablo was on the Last Comic Standing show the same year as John and he never got picked - he was not very good) and John was much funnier then Pablo, so it was great to see him win the show.  In fact he opened up with a joke about being covered in glitter because he had been at a strip joint, but he said he was out making cards so his girlfriend would not be mad......and as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator in the crowd, I felt like he was telling that joke just for me. It was love at first laugh.

I'm looking forward to the Celebrity Circus that should be good for some laughs! They keep showing clips with Peter Brady doing some wacky circus things and getting hurt. Not that I want to see him get hurt, but you can't help but laugh. Pork Chops and Applesauce, remember that? I mean I can't even say the word Pork Chops without saying and Applesauce after it.  Kinda like when my hubby says "That'll do" he always says "pig" after it.  Cause of the movie "Babe".

Then America's Got Talent is coming back on and that is usually pretty good too. The ventriloquist guy was phenomenal last year. You can see him on U-Tube.

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I am working on my cards for my 10/10/20 Birthday card class.  This card is based on a swap I got from Melony Hannah, I don't remember where I got it though, I have had it for a while and just loved the look of it, and how easy it is. 


While I was at home my sister was going through a stack of photos and she came across this one, and I snagged it, I mean heck it's me so I should have it - right?! Ha!

I just can't believe how stinking cute I was as a little kid. I can say that cause I grew out of it!

I just wish I knew what I was doing in the picture, am I diana and volkswagen saying " please Mummy can I have some candy?" or am I saying "I really have to pee" based on my laughing till I pee my pants as an adult I am thinking it is the latter.

Either way, ya gotta love the outfit, and that hat...well it puts Sara Jessica Parker's acorn/butterfly/ flower hat to shame.

Have a great Friday, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di