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Pecan Pie - Yum!

I will post just something silly and quick. I have a migraine or a stress headache and need to go lay down in the dark, so here goes:

pecan pie 001

We have a family friend (Hi Lee!) who loves my pecan pie and so for his birthday last year, this is the pie I made him, and I used an aspic, I think it is called to make the little leaves that I put on the me Betty Crocker...I have been called worse.




hummers etc. 001

Here is the little thing that made the leaves, I think it is for making little sandwiches or something.




What is funny is that the recipe I use is right off the caro syrup jar, I just add more pecans....I keep telling everyone that, so they will make their own, but it does not work.

I do have an awesome pie crust recipe, maybe that is it.

OK folks, gotta go.

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di