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Enchanted Pitter Patter Little Heart

Once upon a time my Arizona Mum Marlene said she went to see the movie "Enchanted" twice, once with her grandkids and then with my Arizona Daddy Vinnie! (love ya both....big smooches!)

So she told me that at the beginning of the movie it starts out like a cartoon, and she did not tell Vinnie that, so when the movie started and this cartoon is going, he just looked at her like what the H.E. double hockey sticks.

Well me being the little shit that I am, I wanna be just like Marlene, so I think it was the day after Thanksgiving or something, me being the horrible Mum that I am, I can't remember where Eric was, but Jeff and I planned a "date" hey we've been married almost 24 years, we gotta go out on a date now and then.  So anyway, we planned this date day, Jeff would pick a movie and I would pick a movie and we would go to dinner.

Jeff picked National Treasure Part 2, and we saw that first, and then my movie was Enchanted, with the McDreamy Patrick Dempsey.  We buy all 4 tickets at one time, so we end one movie and go pee and then hop into the next theatre.  So the movie is about to begin, and Jeff squishes down in his seat and kinda starts like he is gonna pull his hat over his eyes, like he is going to go to sleep, and I was like no, you have to watch this.  Cause I totally want to see his reaction to the cartoon, and I don't want him sleeping through it.

So the movie starts, and he looks at me like what the F.udge - he has more of a potty mouth then Daddy Vinnie does.  I just nodded like yeah its cool eh? I was not gonna tell him that it would eventually go to real people...and ya know what? He watched the whole movie.  In fact we now own it and have seen it twice at home...the old romantic fool!

So the funny part was after the movie, I felt like singing, and I looped my arm through his and pretended I was gonna skip and start singing and he just rolled his eyes.  So then we went to eat at Cantina Laredo...yummy folks...they make your guacamole at your table...just a short note, have them only add the ingredients a bit at a time. When we went the guy was awesome and it was delicious, when my BFF Tracy came we had a girl waiter, and she dumped all the ingredients in and you could not even taste the avocado, I subtly made the point to tell her the next time she should not do that, because we could hardly taste the avocado, and in fact if she were to add one more avocado it would be perfect...but I guess I was too subtle, cause she did not get "it", and we did not get another avocado.

But back to the story....I told Jeff I was gonna sing at the waiter, and he dared me but I had not the guts to do it...oh and I started back today on my pilates and exercise routine and eating well, so I am hoping my guts will be shrinking....

But when we got in my truck, I phoned Tracy and was leaving a message on her machine and I was singing up a storm to her and Jeff was like "how be I accompany you on my duck call" and out of his pocket he pulls out a duck call and starts quack quack quacking to my tra-la-la-laing...I think I may have peed just a little bit in my panties.  Of course poor Trac can understand nothing when she gets the message....guess ya had to be there.

Well if you are still with me folks you are gonna be pleased to see some new things. These are the cards that my DIVA's will be making at my meeting this weekend.  I still have to design the meeting make n take, but these are all done, and the paper is all cut.

What do you think? blog 04 23 08 002Do you think they will like them? I hope so!

I am so addicted to these stinkin' scallop note cards, I really hope we still carry them in the new catalog, in many more fun colors. I am really going to miss the designer papers we have now, and really need to sit down some day and just make a bunch of cards to sell, cause I have designer paper coming out my...ears...yeah that's where its coming out of!


blog 04 23 08 005





This card I copied and tweaked hardly at all, I mean I added a layer of black paper to the back and some gingham ribbon. This was a swap card I got from Lynsay Mahon at Leadership this year! She is a talented lady, and a Canadian to boot! Makes her even more special I think.


This card was inspired by Geralyn Vaeth off of Splitcoast Stampblog 04 23 08 007ers, I just changed the designer paper, and colored the bird in a little, but basically it is the same card, I just love the simplicity of it.  We got this set at Managers reception, Tracy and I refer to it as the Frickin' Bird set.  I must admit when we got our new catalog, we looked at it together long distance on the phone, page by page...that is why we are so happy Stampin' Up! is going back to the old way of giving us our Convention!! Yeehaw! Oh My Lands!

But anyway, when we were going through the catalog we seen this set and we were like, what the heck, what's up with the frickin' bird.  We thought ugh! Then with our frozen fingers, we opened up our movie canister holder dealiebob at Managers Reception in January....and we looked at each other and said "It's the Frickin' Bird" but ya know what? The dang thing has grown on me, and I have seen some beautiful things made with it.  So we still call it the Frickin' Bird, but we love it now.

Sweet Tea Note:  Anyone that has made my sweet tea recipe, I was way off on the water, hey I measure in dits so it ain't my fault.  I actually must be using like a gallon of water, it fills my dutch oven, and it pours into one of the ice tea jars with the little spigot on the side. So that is way more then 3 quarts I think.  So I am sorry if you made the tea, and your teeth fell out from all the sugar...please forgive me!

Enjoy your Friday, if you are from Australia or New Zealand, it is ANZAC Day - I looked it up on the Internet it is: Anzac Day marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. The acronym ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, whose soldiers were known as Anzacs. The pride they took in that name endures to this day, and Anzac Day remains one of the most important national occasions of both Australia and New Zealand. 

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Ahh Nuts!

Is America deaf?  I mean, I can say that cause I am deaf, and have the hearing aids to prove it, but I sure can tell when someone can sing!!! I can't believe that Carly got voted off American Idol. My hubby says it is because it is called "American" Idol and she is from Ireland. But I don't care, I think she was the best girl singer and thought for sure it was going to be her and David Cook at the end.  I mean I really like Brooke, I enjoyed her when we saw her in Mesa last year, but she is not going to win, I will totally buy her record, cause she is very good, but she is not the best one in the group. I can't believe that Jason is still there, he must have quite a fan base out there. He is a cutie, he needs to cut that hair, I did not like his Andrew Lloyd Webber song, but when he sings Hallelujah from Shrek, or Somewhere Over the Rainbow from 50 First Dates, it gives me goose bumps, I love that stuff, that is the album he needs to make.  But he won't win.  So it might come down to the two David's at the end. Who knows, but it has been an odd year.

blog 04 22 08 014

Speaking of nuts, this was a fun stamp set to use.  We used to put all sorts of things inside the bubble gum machine, fish, snowmen, popcorn, you name it, it ended up in there.






blog 04 22 08 017 One of my favorite stamp sets of all time was In Full Bloom, it just begged to be colored. And any stamp set with a bee in it!

I loved this set cause the flower was fun and had almost a quirky kinda attitude, and it's all about the attitude! 



blog 04 22 08 018





Another set I loved was Birthday Banter, just like a set with bees, stick a frog in it, and I'll buy it. If the frog has big old lips, then I may even buy two...believe me you don't even want to ask.


Well I have a splitting head ache so I am gonna call it a night.

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Put Down My Chocolate and Back Away!

So does that tell ya what time of the month it is? That's all I am gonna say!

Speaking of chocolate, blog 04 22 08 021this was one of my favorite stamp sets that Stampin' Up! sold years ago.  It was such fun to color and the details in it were awesome, you actually could taste the chocolate and your mouth would water as you looked at it.  I know it is past Valentine's Day, but I was just going through some old cards, and I thought I would share...the cards...not the chocolate!

Once I get all my stamping done for these events coming up I promise I will sit down and make some new stuff, or after the events I can show ya what has been keeping me busy.

Rhonda was over today (hey Rhon) and we got all our projects finalized for Spring Fling, I can hardly wait till everyone sees them and makes them. That is what is so fun about these events, to see everyone having so much fun, and knowing that they can turn around and teach the same class to their customers. That's what it's all about folks...share and copy!

blog 04 22 08 007

Remember the stamp set called Knobbly Gnomes?  I loved that set, it reminds me of that Travelocity commercial with the little gnome and he is getting run over and stuff. Ha! Who thinks of these commercials? Some are hilarious and some ya look at your hubby or your gnome and go "what the ?*&#!" cause you don't even know what they are trying to sell when the commercial is over, so how stupid is that?

Now as you can see none of these cards have anything in common, other then they are all colored in and oh yeah, no longer available! I just was going through an old portfolio I had made up to teach people the different mediums to use to color and decided to show off some of them. 


blog 04 22 08 006

Of course if you have been to a class at my studio (a.k.a converted 2 car garage) you have seen the book, so you will be bored seeing them again.  This was a card I did a few years ago when the Stampin' Up! SAM's (Service Account Manager) did a swap with all the Demonstrators that had a SAM.

It was neat to get cards from all over.



blog 04 22 08 004


Now I am just "dog" tired and headed to bed, I always read myself to sleep, it stops my brain from thinking too much.

I am reading Kelley Armstrong's "No Humans Involved" - I love that kinda stuff! My sister Jacqui (love ya sister!) got me hooked on her!


OK, for those of you that read my blog in the mornings, I actually do my blog before I go to bed each night and just put the next days date, so sometimes you will read it and maybe it wont make a lick of sense...ok... so many times you read it and it does not make a lick of sense, but anyway, sorry it if gets confusing. I am a night owl and I seem to get more stuff done at night.


Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Whoo Loves Ya Baby?

We got the cutest stamp set on the Bermuda cruise. It is called "Owl Together Now". I think that owls must be the new popular animal cause I am seeing them everywhere, at least in the stamping world.  I remember when the Hedgehogs were everywhere, and then it was Penguins. We first saw card samples of it in the Hospitality room, and it was so fun looking...not funny looking....I mean, any stamp set that I can color is a winner by me.

I thought I better whip up a card to put on here, so you all don't get bored and stop coming by to see me.  I have bblog 04 21 08 001een busy with Spring Fling and Convention display stamping but tonight, I decided I would take a break and stamp a card for me...and YOU!  Now when I say I am going to whip up a card basically it takes me about an hour to do that... I mean I have to figure out my colors and the design, and then color and cut and then it all comes together.

By using background paper it makes figuring out the colors so much easier. I used the Le Jardin paper, and it uses River Rock, Always Artichoke, So Saffron, and Bashful Blue, so basically the card's colors were figured out for me.  I just cut out a bunch blog 04 21 08 003of the branches and leaves to make it look like the owls were inside the tree.

This is a little card from the Gibbs' family. There is Eric, Jeff and Me! Ha!!!

Along with coloring, I love to cut things out and make it 3-D.  That is what making a card is all about.  You can't get that from a card you buy at the grocery store.


Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Don't Worry Bee Happy

So while we were on the Bermuda cruise, my BFF Tracy had sent a package to my son Eric so he would have some goodies to eat, something to read, and a movie to watch while we were gone.  The movie was The Bee Movie.  Unfortunately he could not get it to work on his DVD player in his room, and Grandma and Grandpa did not know how to work the one in the living room so he did not get to watch it till the other night.

It was very cute, cartoons have come a long way and it did make me remember what my Dad talked about when I went home to Canada last fall, that if we kill all the bees that over time we would die too, because we need the bees for pollination and all that stuff.  So although the movie was funny it was very well thought out and made you think too.

What I found was the funniest was watching the extra stuff where Jerry Seinfeld who wrote the movie and was actually The Bee, talked about how funny the movie was and he showed him and his friends as they were doing the voices. One of them was Puddy from the Seinfeld show, and Chris Rock too, so it showed them laughing etc. But as I sat and watched them I thought what the heck is so funny? 

But then I thought well it is probably like when we are with a bunch of girlfriends, one who shall remain nameless to protect her from being embarrassed (I will only say 32 oz of Starbucks Frappacino) but we will be with friends and laugh and laugh till things start spraying out of our bodies from laughing so hard, but when we tell the story later to someone they look at you like you are I think I understand where Jerry is coming from, we had to be there to understand how much fun making this movie was.

So speaking of cartoons, today Jeff called me from his truck "hey honey there's a road runner in coyote003the front yard by the roses" so what did I do? Yep, I got out my camera.... holy heck those suckers are taller then I thought, thank goodness I had some corn there to feed the little feller, or he might have eaten Jeff as he got outta the truck...where is my anvil when I need it?  Oh yeah I was using it earlier to pound down a couple eyelets.


Anyway, you know that road runners really don't look like this right?  I mean I do because we live in Arizona, but I must admit the first time I saw a road runner on the road, and Jeff said look a road runner, I thought what have you been smoking man, and where can I get some...ok just kidding, but I did think he was fibbing, I mean it looks nothing like the cartoon and it is not even tall.


blog 04 20 08 003


So here he is behind the tree, I had to use my zoom lens cause I did not want to scare him away, and well my zoom is not that strong.






blog 04 20 08 006


Here it is more out in the open by the roses, they have kind of a Mohawk thing on their head.






blog 04 20 08 007


This one you can see the Mohawk thing a little better, but then he ran off and I could not get any more pictures.


See, other then the Mohawk and the long tail they look nothing like the cartoon do they?



So Tracy gave Eric a game at Christmas time called 20Qblog 04 20 08 013 and it is a little too hard for Eric to play but Jeff and I have fun with it.

I have it by the bed so every night I think of a word to try to trick it, but I swear it usually guesses them. Last night the word was toilet....and it got it....don't ask me where these words come from they just pop into my head like magic. Just call me David Coppafeel...I mean Copperfield.

One time I thought of picnic table, and I thought ok if it says table I will let it have it, but it actually guessed picnic table.

I don't know how it works, but it is pretty fun.

It does not like dirty words though, so if I am in the mood to "win the game" I just think of a bad word....I feel like a winner what's it gonna be?

Thanks for stopping in.

Hugs, Di