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Little Dawg on the Prairie

Yo Yo Dawg! American Idol's Randy has nothing on our Dawgs! I looked out the window today and saw one of our friends trimming one of the trees in the backyard. He wablog 04 26 08 001s leaning way over trying to grab a piece of new growth.  I ran to get the camera but he had moved by the time I got back, but here are a couple shots of him.

They kinda remind me of a Lemur, I call them prairie dogs, and Jeff calls them ground squirrels, I really don't know what they are, but they can be fun to watch.



blog 04 26 08 004


Last year one was so fat, we were calling him Chubby!  He would sit and eat and eat and eat, he reminded us of the groundhog from Caddyshack.


I wanted to get my post out early tonight, as I have a long night ahead of me getting stuff ready to send to Stampin' Up! as I have a deadline and it is right around the corner.

Have a super Monday, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di