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So, my BFF Tracy, and her cutie patootie hubby, and my cutier patootier hubby and I leave in 23 days on the Stampin' Up! cruise to Bermuda, Tracy and I are hoping to lose at least 10 pounds before we leave, (the guys, being men, don't worry about stuff like that). We figure If we lose 10 pounds we can afford to put on 8 pounds when we eat, and eat...and when we get bored we eat again on the cruise...hey ya can't help it.

So I have been trying to be a good girl, I eat my Shredded Mini Wheats in the morning, and I have a Lean Cuisine for lunch, they are not too bad, I only like certain ones though...my favorite is the Herb Roasted Chicken.

So as I was opening up the box, I saw this written on the back:

"blog march 08 009Wellness Tip: Enjoying your meals from a plate and eating more slowly can lead to a more satisfying meal experience."

So I wondered? Do they mean this particular meal? Like after I nuke it for 8 minutes, I should put it on a plate instead of eating it right out of the black plastic tray?  Or do they really mean, I should not eat things from a bag...like chips, chocolates, Swedish fish, etc.  Do you think that is what they really mean?

But just in case that is not what they meant, I thought well heck if it is that simple, I can do that, I am a big girl and I am determined to lose that 10 pounds, heck I may even lose 11!

blog march 08 008  Bon Appetite!


Thanks for stopping in! Lunch is on me! (particularly my big butt anyway....)

Hugs, Di