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Bermuda Here We Come!

Today is the last day to run around and do any last minute errands at home. We will be at my BFF Tracy's house a few days and will surely do some shopping there too.

Jeff said yesterday that it might be cool in Bermuda, weather wise. It was 90 degrees here yesterday, and I think they are calling for 70 degree weather in Bermuda.  We do sail out of New York, so I am sure that will be cold to us. Even though I am Canadian and Jeff is originally from Illinois, we have lived in Arizona so long our old blood is pretty thin.


I was looking on the Internet at some Bermuda pictures and found these two. It looks so beautiful doesn't it?



Can you see us with our books, and our margaritas relaxing on the beach? I hope so.

So I will be quiet for about 10 days, (on here any way - not in person.....ha!!) then I will have some stories to tell I am sure, as well as some fun new stamping shares to show you.

I know last year on cruise they told us about the new In Colors and embellishments, and new stamp sets, so I am sure we will learn some fun new things this year too.

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Happy Easter

I have Eric's basket all ready, I don't care how old he gets, he's still our little boy and he loves to get surprises.  He is a pretty easy kid to please too.  Whenever we come back from somewhere, he wants at least a T-shirt from where we were.

bunny and ruth's window frame 007

I can't remember when I took this picture, it was last year sometime, but I looked out the front window and where the edge of the sidewalk is there is like a spot where water has washed away our landscaping....ha! I had to put that cause we don't have landscaping, we have desert, anyway there was the tiniest little bunny, so I took the picture from the window cause I knew I would scare him away if I went out.

He stayed there for at least an hour after I noticed him so I don't know how long he was there before.  So adorable, makes ya want to go get some carrots, and some potatoes, and some gravy........only kidding.

I hope you get some fun things in your Easter basket and you get to visit with friends and family.

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

One More Round of Classes

Well I had a full class tonight, and it was great seeing everyone, and especially some new faces, Stacy & Lisa, and one particular face I have not seen in a long time....Shannon - Welcome Back to Arizona!

I have one more day of classes, then I can finish my taxes, and then we can start to pack.

I like to lay out the outfits and jot down what goes with what, when I am gonna wear it, cause ya don't want to get down to the last day with black undies, and white pants...not a good thing.

Mum gets here tomorrow, and it will be exciting to pick her up, not only cause we have not seen her in quite a while, but she is flying into the smaller airport by our house.  I hate driving to the Phoenix airport, in fact...I don't... we have a neighbor who has a shuttle service and I use her.  So now that the smaller airport is open and that is so nice, but they charge ya for everything, wanna pick your seat? that costs extra, wanna pick your seat to go back home? that'll cost you too, wanna bring a piece of luggage? yep, you guessed it, there is a charge for that too. Wanna get off once the plane has landed and not before? Well that's no charge!

It was something when we were making the reservations all the extra charges.  But hey, I am glad Mum is coming, Eric loves spending time with her, it gives Jeff and I some much needed together time, and we don't worry about what is going on at home.  Everyone should be as lucky as we are to have a Mum like our Mum.

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Hugs, Di

For the Birds

The other day I went and got Easter goodies at the store. The M&M's are so pretty with all the Easter colors, and the speckles on them, they look just like eggs.  I love the peanut butter M&easter cookies 001M's, they are like a bigger version of the Reese's Pieces.

Well on the back of one of the bags was a recipe for these fun little bird's nest cookies , so I made them today, they are pretty good, and they look so adorable.

My Mother-in-law gets here Saturday, so it will be a nice Easter being able to spend it with her.

We fly her in every year so she can watch Eric while we cruise.  We sure do appreciate it, and Eric loves spending some time with his Grandma.

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Hugs, Di

Bloomin' Beautiful - Ya Got That Right

Oh my gosh, I love this set!  I told you before as soon as I saw this stamp set in the mini catalog my heart went pitter patter, and my fingers tingled just waiting to color it.

After we get back from our Stampin' Up! cruise in April, I will be having the Bloomin' Beautiful stamp set class, so I needed to get all my projects done and make sure I have all the supplies I need so I can concentrate on my classes this weekend, my taxes (ha!), and then my packing.

These are the projects everyone will be making, some are from my brain (yikes!), and some are cased or tweaked from Splitcoast Stampers.  What do you think? Bloomin Beautiful class 015  There are only 5 seats left, it has been a popular class.







Bloomin Beautiful class 002


This is a card using the little scallop note cards. I love these little things.  You will need to put them in a standard envelope, if you want to mail them though.

I like them to go with a gift bag, or if you give flowers to someone.





Bloomin Beautiful class 009



This card I cased from SherryLC05, I loved the faux stitching, in fact when I saw it the first time, I thought that it was really stitched.

Her card is better then mine, but this one turned out not too bad.



Bloomin Beautiful class 004


I love this framed picture.  I did not have any idea what I was going to do with these frames when my BFF Tracy and I found them at Target, but once I saw the Bloomin' Beautiful stamp set, I knew.

This is why I only have 5 seats left, I only have so many frames available.


Bloomin Beautiful class 011



This card was cased from my good friend Karen Barber.  At class everyone gets a pack of Rub-Ons so I added that to the card. They are also getting Chocolate Poly-twill ribbon, so I changed that on the card too.






Bloomin Beautiful class 012

Class attendees also get a pack of Afternoon Tea Background paper, so I made sure to use that a few times too. This background paper is so beautiful, but I am trying to not hoard all my background paper and actually use it this year.

This card was inspired by Andrea Walford.

Well now that the class is figured out, today is work on my taxes day - blech!


Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di