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Water water everywhere

My sister Jacqui is the computer genius, ask her anything and she can tell ya. I on the other hand am artsy fartsy, and not a computer genius.  My brain works way different.  I have been hearing and reading that it is important to add a watermark on your cards that you upload on the web, so last night I thought I would figure out the whole watermark thing, I mean heck I have a fairly new computer there has to be some sort of program on here that will do it right?

Wrong, or at least I can't figure it out.  Even that little wizard thing that hops around your computer and you ask him questions, he started to ignore me, heck one time I asked him something and I think he called me a loser, and told me to turn off the computer.........I did manage it in Publisher but then when you are done the file is the size of a house and I could not make it smaller to use it on here.  So I wasted valuable tax prep time using that program.  So I think I will just need to order a program that will do it.

Gina K over at Gina K Designs suggests Microsoft Photodraw, and Patty Bennett at Patty's Stamping Spot(Hi Patty) says Adobe Photoshop.  I just want something simple and easy, and that I don't have to think too much when I do it.

So enough of that nonsense...let's get to the good stuff...

My Granny will turn 89 in April, and she has had quite a time the last 5 months.  She went in for a bowel scope and it went down hill from there, the doctor almost killed her a few times, with his botched procedures and the hospital, which should be shut down, drugged her up so much she was a zombie, and she left with a huge bedsore because they did not move her around enough, and in this day and age to me that is unacceptable. 

Anyway she is finally in the nursing home in her home town and doing much better.  We are all so proud of her because she has lived by herself since my Poppa (hear my heart beating faster and a big smile on my face when I think of my Poppa)passed away in 1997, but the last couple years she has had it a little tougher, so now we feel better that she has someone around her all the time.

Pics_for_my_blog_005 I want to send her a scrapbook in a box.

So I made this one using Le Jardin background paper and some 12x12 card stock. A jumbo eyelet with flowers and pearls and beads from the Pretties kit finish off the top.

I will add some pictures to the inside of my family and also pictures that I have collected over the years.  I think she will really like it, and it can be set on a dresser or table, so she can show off her family to anyone that comes to visit.

Pics_for_my_blog_007 Here is the inside of the box, you can put pictures on all the sides inside so it will hold 21 pictures, unless you do some journaling.

I added a few pieces of pewter hodge podge and gingham ribbon, and once all the pictures are in, I will add more to spice it up.

I will let you know what she says. I just need to find a box that I can use to mail it so it does not get smashed.

We are going home in May and I am so very excited to go. I could take it and give it to her in person, but I would like her to get it for her birthday. I went home last year in October when the whole fiasco with the hospital was going on, so it will be nice to go home this time with my whole family and just enjoy ourselves and go see Granny and be able to really visit with her. There should be farm work to be done so my hubby and son can help my Dad a little bit, while my Mum and us girls stamp.

My Mum wants my sister and I to do a workshop while I am at home, so I need to figure out some fun, but packable make n takes.

Have a great hump day, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Oldies but Goodies

As I had mentioned in a past post, I am a card collector and not a card sender. Which is so sad because that is the business I am in, teaching people how to stamp cards to send to friends and family. It is funny though at class how many people are the same as me, they hate to give away the cards they make.

I did sit down and go through some of my forget me not keepers, I will save the cards I really love, and give away the ones that I have had for so long, that don't have that sentimental value. Anything to procrastinate on doing my taxes right?

Here are a few of my old favorites that we don't have the stamp sets for anymore (another reason to keep the card right?)

Oldies_but_goodies_006_3I love the Godspeed stamp set. Unfortunately we can not get it anymore, and even more unfortunate we still really need it.  For this card I stamped with stazon jetblack on creamy caramel card stock, then I bleached out the edges, and the soldier and box image.

I just went back in with my aqua painter and ink pads and started to color (or for my Canadian readers - that would be colour) - I can tease because I am Canadian too, I just spell like an American.

You just have to remember to let the bleach dry all the way before you start to color.

Another one of my favorites is the Little Boys set.

This card is also stamped with Stazon on vanilla naturals card stock. Stazon is pretty much all I use to stamp with when I am going to color. Oldies_but_goodies_008_2

I colored with the ink pads and aqua painter.  I stamped the pillow case flag on a separate piece of whisper white paper and cut it out and glue dotted it over top the main image.

Now the pillow case is white and stands out from the card.Oldies_but_goodies_009 

I love to do this with other stamp sets too. You can add patterned paper to an image and just glue it over the main part.  It is like paper dolls.

The last card for today (cause I have to get cleaned up from class last night and work on my workshop for this weekend) is using an old set called In Full Bloom. Oldies_but_goodies_001 This set holds a special place in my heart because it was the first stamp set that I had to use to help Stampin' Up! with displays for an event years ago.  I will always keep it and treasure it.

I stamped on watercolor paper and colored with the stampin' write markers and pulled the color out with my aqua painter.  Quick and simple.

The background is stamped on glossy paper and then you scratch it up with the sanding block, to make it look like linen.

I hope you enjoyed the cards for today.

Thanks for stopping in.

Hugs, Di

Bloomin' Beautiful Bonus

The plan was last night to go to bed at a sensible hour, I tried but I could not sleep so I got up and worked on my bonus card. I got it all colored and cut out and then I just had to finish the main part and the embellishment this morning.

I am hostessing a swap with some fellow Demonstrators using new stamp sets from the new Occasions Mini catalog that you can order out of of March 1.  You are going to love it. If they got their cards to me by the 20th they earned a bonus card from me.

I think this is it....what you think?  Bloomin_bonus_cropped_4 Will they like it?

This is using the stamp set Bloomin' Beautiful. I drooled all over the mini catalog when I saw it at Leadership, unfortunatley it was not my mini, but hey I could not help it.

I love to sit and color and beautiful detailed stamp sets are the reason I love Stampin' Up! so I am glad to see more of them coming back to the main catalog as well as the mini catalogs.

Recipe is:

Basic Black, Old Olive, Tempting Turquoise, Watercolor Paper, and Bali Breeze Designer Series Paper.

I stamped everything with Jetblack Stazon, and colored with the aqua painter, using Tempting Turquoise, Brilliant Blue, More Mustard, Going Gray, Old Olive, So Saffron, Basic Gray, Bashful Blue ink. I added white gel pen to the center of the flowers.  I cut out a few of the flowers and mini glue dotted them beside the bottom of the pot.

Add a little silver ribbon slide (love 'em) to vanilla taffeta, and black gingham and you are done.

Hope you like it.  I have not figured out how to add a watermark on my photos yet, so please if you want to copy the card go ahead, I would be flattered, but please do not submit it for a contest anywhere...thanks!

Have a great Monday, and thanks for stopping in.

Hugs, Di

Cowboy take me Away!

One of the 3-D items I submitted to Stampin' Up! to apply to make displays for Leadership this year was this frame.

This was one of the projects we made at my "Wanted" stamp set class this year.Pics_for_my_blog_004  I bought the metal frame from Walmart and the Outlaw paper is just behind the glass.

Using the scallop punch, the 1 3/8" circle punch, the 1" punch, and the small star punch, you make the pieces that you glue the magnets to the back of.

I embossed silver embossing powder on a hodge podge pewter frame to make it look like the frame.  Now we have Silver Hodge Podge and OMG! It is like jewelry!

Then the picture is on the front of the glass instead of behind the glass, and is held on by the magnets.  This is my hubby riding in his company's Annual Charity Rodeo.  He is a cowboy one weekend a year.

I also made one of these last year as a submission for the Stampin' Up! Artisan Award. It was using the Voila stamp set, and I made it to hold a recipe card on the front.  I first cut out an oval piece of clear contact paper, and stuck it to the center of the glass, I then embossed the print pattern design on the glass. It does not show very well in the photo, and I only made one, so I can not retake the picture.

Voila I then used glass etching cream and covered the whole piece of glass with it.  I left it on for 15 minutes or so and then I washed it off with a soft bristled brush. This removed the cream as well as the embossing powder. You are left with a smoky design on the glass. Then peel off the oval contact paper and you have clear glass behind it.

I then just colored and placed the chef inside the frame.  I made a paper and crystal effects magnet (my BFF Tracy taught me how to do this) and that holds the recipe card on the frame.

I thought it turned out pretty cool.  I did not win the Artisan Award, but I loved the challenge to make new and fun things.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thanks for stopping in.

Hugs, Di

Clutter - Good or bad?


Everyone has clutter, I don't care what ya say.  Some people are just better at disguising it.

Good Clutter:

I love the clutter in one corner of my kitchen because it reminds me of my wonderful trip to my BFF Tracy's house in PA this past year.  We did some antique shopping and I brought back the scale (OMG! you should have seen the lady at the airport security when I had that packed in my luggage...."ma'am, we're gonna have to look in your bag"  I can just imagine what all the innards of the scale looked like to them on the x-ray machine - but all was fine when she saw what it was - I explained where it was gonna go in my kitchen, and how I was gonna fill it with fruit, and after her eyes glazed over from boredom, she let me go) and the awesome metal strainer and the fake fruit.  I can still see Tracy's sweetie pie hubby (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent) carrying around our purchases while we shopped....he acts like a tough guy, but he does not fool me....XXOO!

At Christmas time I just change out the flowers and fruit and put in Christmas ornaments, fake snow, and pine cones, and change around the foliage and knick knacks.

Bad Clutter:

This, unfortunately for anyone wanting to visit at my house and expecting to sleep here for the next week or so, is the guest bedroom.Clutter_005_4   It has swaps that I am hosting in it, Long Distance packages that need to be finished and mailed out from SSU, class supplies, orders to be picked up or delivered, and anything else that I am working on that I can't have all over the tables in my stamp room because I have a class this weekend.

This would be what I mentioned earlier about the disguise of clutter, I just shut the bedroom door and everyone thinks I have a clean non-clutter house...ha!!!!

So, just enjoy your clutter everyone. Flaunt it! Show it off!  It's nothing to be embarrassed of.....hey shut that door!

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di