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Swaps Galore

One of the fun things I like to do is Hostess a card swap when we are about to unveil the new catalog or a new mini catalog.

I invite members of my Demonstrator team, as well as other Demonstrators that I have met over the years to join.

I email the group, announce the swap details, and wait for the signups. The fun part is waiting for the mailman to start delivering the packages.

So my last swap was due the 20th (for the bonus card - you saw that in a prior post) and the last date they could get their cards to me was the 27th.

As the cards arrive I count them to make sure they sent the right amount and make sure they have sent postage or a note telling me that they will pick it up.

So yesterday I sorted all the cards on two tables, and got them ready for mailing. swap time and tracy valentine class 005 swap time and tracy valentine class 006  I knew when I had started getting the packages in the mail they all had postage, but when I started to sort, one of them did not have the postage, and I figured I would find it later stuck to a card, so I did not think anymore about it.

A few minutes later, I hear Toby and he is having the funnest time rolling around on my sorted laundry piles, making his little puppy growl, and he is flipping something in the air, and then chewing on it for a bit and then flipping it again, and I thought oh isn't he the most precious thing, and I could eat him right up.  Then I was like what the heck is he playing with?

swap time and tracy valentine class 002

You guessed it, he had the missing postage!  I did not attempt to put it on a package, cause well it was kinda bit up and slobbery.

I must ask the vet about Toby's diet, cause he sure loves to eat card stock too, maybe he is low on fiber.

So the swaps are gone and the girls should start receiving them today.  I can hardly wait to announce my next swap.

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

My Pretty Valentine

I know that Valentine's Day is over, but I don't think you need a certain day to give a goodie to someone you love.

Well my BFF Tracy loves me so much that there was a secret little treat in her swaps she mailed to me. Wanna see what it was?

swap time and tracy valentine class 016 This is the whole stash together, beautiful isn't it?  I love her so much, I am not going to even eat the chocolate. We are trying to lose some weight for cruise.  So I can just look at them. They are going to look beautiful on my red shelf. 

swap time and tracy valentine class 014 This is one of the cards up close. I love all the little extra things that Tracy does to her cards, and it is the little details that make a card a masterpiece.  At Managers Reception this year we got the stamp set "Always", now let me tell you, this was not our favorite stamp set when we went through the catalog for the first time, but after seeing it get used and how beautiful it turns out we are liking it much better.swap time and tracy valentine class 015

This is the little box, and she even sent me a little pattern so I can make one too. It opens up and has a clear top so you can see the goodies inside.

I hope you enjoy looking at these beautiful little treasures as much as I loved getting them.


Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Creeps You are Being Warned

My hubby Jeff, ya just gotta love him, when he found out I had started a blog, he was kind of leery.  He said you don't know who is out there reading it. (well apparently he is every Hi Honey - this one's for you!!)  The other day he said "maybe you should kinda mention that your hubby is a hunter and that I clean my guns all the time, and I can shoot a rabbit from (enter yards in here-cause I cant remember...but I think it was very far away) with my bow and arrow." RODEO AND MEETING 07 021

So to keep him happy, I thought I had better put what he said down right here, so if anyone out there is creepy and scary, you are warned. This is a picture of us at the rodeo last year.

Now for some fun.

Our son turned 19 in 2007, so for his birthday we got him a new puppy. Toby is a Yorkie-poo and he is such a sweetie. They are perfect for each other. I always tease Eric, because when I take his picture, he always manages to stick his tongue out at the last minute. toby and the chair 004  I don't care how fast I take the picture, there is the tongue, I mean I really need to scrapbook these pics, cause I have him from all ages with that tongue sticking out.  So anyway, I was snapping pictures one day and thought I would take one of Toby laying in his mat, and I'll be darned if he is not as bad as Eric.

Look what he did......ryan shupe safford 013

Thank goodness I know when to hold my tongue....ha!

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Color Therapy

Almost sounds like you are going to the salon, doesn't it? I'm looking a little drab, I think my hair could use some color therapy.

But nope, I've just been digging around finding some more fun cards to show you, and of course the first couple are colored. That is where the therapy comes in. Let me sit and color for an hour or so and the world is a much happier place.  Rhyme Time 006 I loved the retired stamp set Rhyme Time, and these two cards are from that set. Not much to tell you about them as they are just basic coloring, but I love the details in the sets, fishing with hotdogs by candle light, and the little tie on the cows tail, little things like that, that make me smile. I hope these are not huge, I am still getting used to the Windows Writer.

Rhyme Time 007

Now the next two cards are using current Stampin' Up! sets.  The celebrate card is one I did with brushed silver card stock and then embossed in silver the Doodle This set. It gives the paper a whole different look. Then to emphasize the silver I added little dots to the word Celebrate with the zig painty pen. Rhyme Time 002 Last but not least is a very beautiful make n take that I did at  my Arizona Mum's house, my special friend Marlene.  When my BFF Tracy came to my house a few days before we went to Palm Springs for Leadership, Marlene had us over to stamp and she prepared packets for us to make this stunning window card.  Isn't it beautiful? And it is using Marlene's signature "bling" glitter and rhinestone brads.  Love it!!

Rhyme Time 004 I hope you are blessed like me and have a Marlene in your life.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

So thankful

I must thank Lisa, and Shannon for sending her to my blog, for helping me with the watermark.  She told me about a program called Windows Live Writer, and I installed it, and now I am taking it for a test drive.

DSC00010 It seems simple enough and it totally worked, and what is best is, it was free! This is one of the pages I had submitted to Stampin' Up! last year. This is one of our dogs Sammi, she thinks she is a tough broad.

I can even write my message with it and everything...who knew? Not me!

Thanks so much Lisa, send me your address offline and I'll send you a card.

Enjoy your evening, the girls sing on American Idol if you are following that. My hubby and I are thinking a guy will win it this year, there are so many great singers to choose from.

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di