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Creeps You are Being Warned

My hubby Jeff, ya just gotta love him, when he found out I had started a blog, he was kind of leery.  He said you don't know who is out there reading it. (well apparently he is every Hi Honey - this one's for you!!)  The other day he said "maybe you should kinda mention that your hubby is a hunter and that I clean my guns all the time, and I can shoot a rabbit from (enter yards in here-cause I cant remember...but I think it was very far away) with my bow and arrow." RODEO AND MEETING 07 021

So to keep him happy, I thought I had better put what he said down right here, so if anyone out there is creepy and scary, you are warned. This is a picture of us at the rodeo last year.

Now for some fun.

Our son turned 19 in 2007, so for his birthday we got him a new puppy. Toby is a Yorkie-poo and he is such a sweetie. They are perfect for each other. I always tease Eric, because when I take his picture, he always manages to stick his tongue out at the last minute. toby and the chair 004  I don't care how fast I take the picture, there is the tongue, I mean I really need to scrapbook these pics, cause I have him from all ages with that tongue sticking out.  So anyway, I was snapping pictures one day and thought I would take one of Toby laying in his mat, and I'll be darned if he is not as bad as Eric.

Look what he did......ryan shupe safford 013

Thank goodness I know when to hold my tongue....ha!

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di